18 June 2017

UPDATE: The Land of Israel is Suffering from *Shatnez!

Please see UPDATE below
Could Israel become Judenrein? 
UPDATE:  They are giving Jewish homes to XTIANS. Bad enough Jewish homes are not being built, and Arab homes are being built instead, now the Government is evicting Jews from their homes and giving them to MISSIONARY XTIANS. READ THIS AND WEEP. Evicting Jews and giving their homes to Missionaries.

MORE:Detailed documents prove plans for 6,000 housing units were nixed thanks to quiet freeze.'Government halted construction projects in Jerusalem

What’s left for the Jews? 
Tel Aviv ch’v? 
No, they want that too.

I’ve posted this before, and now its time to say it again, Israel needs a different leader; Netanyahu is detrimentally unpredictable in that he does not do the best for Jews and Israelis living in the State of Israel.

Insufficient Homes for Jewish Families in Israel while Arab building increases exponentially.

And now it appears Netanyahu has been misleading Israelis because the “friendly American Administration” pressures him to placate the Palestinians.

Today, the Beit El Council moved its seat to a tent opposite Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's office, protesting the fact that in ten years, not a single home has been built in their town. After the Ulpana neighborhood was destroyed in 2012, the Israeli government promised to approve 300 new apartments - but these apartments were never built.

Rabbi Melamed stated: "The only one who tricked me is the Prime Minister, who violated his promise," Melamed said. "Netanyahu did not harm only me - I represent a community. Netanyahu has harmed the entire community of Beit El, the entire community of settlers, and all Religious Zionists.”

"He is making Religious Zionists into a joke. We will not stand silently. We will work until these homes are approved. The Prime Minister must fix this issue immediately... Our community has learned it lesson, and someone will pay the price. We will do everything possible to let our communities know that the Prime Minister is deceiving us.

"Two years ago, Netanyahu promised that the Dreinoff homes would not be destroyed. Then Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit called me up and said, 'The Prime Minister asked me to tell you that despite pressure from the US, he will approve 300 housing units in Beit El. Just let us destroy the Dreinoff homes.' However, Netanyahu did not keep his promise - again.”

Thats not all:

Were Building Incentives for Qalqilya Approved Underhandedly?

It was revealed today (Sunday) that in a Cabinet meeting absented by a significant number of Likud MKs, 14,000 housing units for Arabs were approved to be built next to Qalqilya on Area C land intended for Jews. This would double the city's size and bring it closer to neighboring Jewish towns, compromising their security.

Among the absent MKs were Environmental Protection Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud), Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud), and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud).

Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan said, "I am embarrassed of the way such grave decisions are made in secret and behind the settlements' back. [. . .] I am sorry, but I do not accept the politicians' attempt to pass the responsibility to someone else. Only the government is to blame, and the Cabinet in particular. [. . .] I insist the government hold a new discussion on the topic, and cancel this dangerous and poorly thought-out decision.”

However, maybe because of the ruckus, the PM is expected to hold another meeting about "his plan for extensive building in Qalqilya."

Miri Regev: "I think that when we see what we're seeing, that the Palestinians constantly build in Areas A and B, we see it in Shechem (Nablus), Ramallah, and other areas - there's no reason for them to build in Area C. For sure, there is no reason to approve 14,000 housing units when Jews are not allowed to build at all.”

Where do we go next?

We go to our Father in Shamayim!

*Shatnez:  Wool and Linen = Shatnez

A practical guide to keeping your clothes (Land) kosher. Certain things go together naturally, like peas and carrots. And certain things don't, like toothpaste and orange juice.The Torah teaches about the power of combinations and warns against mixing the wrong things together. One of these is the prohibition against wearing a mixture of wool and linen in the same piece of clothing, as it is written, "You shall not wear combined fibers, wool and linen together" (Deut. 22:11).

In Hebrew, this forbidden mixture is called "shatnez" (pronounced shot-nezz).

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Anonymous said...

A good example with the 'shatnez' law. But, does the 'Jewish' leader give a hoot about Jewish law? Serious times now more than ever because the dangers now facing our people is not from outside armies but from those within, which is always the most dangerous.