13 June 2017


We now have to fight against the Erev Rav for our Yerushalayim

BENNETT BOOED AT ISRAELI PRO-PEACE EVENT FOR DEFENDING A UNITED JERUSALEM  The crowd at the ‘dovish' Haaretz newspaper's Peace Conference booed Education Minister Naftali Bennett Monday for saying keeping Jerusalem united is preferable to a diplomatic agreement with the Palestinians. [dovish?]

Bennett quoted from a Ma'agar Mohot poll published in the pro-Netanyahu newspaper Israel Hayom 10 days ago that found the public agreed with him. 

"The Left doesn't have a monopoly over peace just like the Right doesn't have a monopoly over patriotism," Bennett told the crowd. "I want peace just as much as you do.” "We get peace not by concessions and weakening Israel," Bennett said. "Had we listened to you and given the Golan Heights to Syria, we would now have Isis in the Galilee.

The Jerusalem Post’s headline was changed online while I was composing this. The new headline reads: 

BENNETT BOOED, CALLED A 'NAZI' AT ISRAELI PRO-PEACE EVENT Images later emerged on Twitter of a woman protesting Bennett's speech by performing a 'Heil Hitler' salute and another woman was filmed arguing with the minister and calling him a "Nazi" following the event. The video shows the Education Minister turning and walking away.

From the above one can see there is nothing Dovish about the Haaretz paper and crowd; some have intimated that they are so far to the left that they fall off the spectrum of acceptable criticism and into the sewer.  Raptors would be more appropriate than Doves


Anonymous said...

First, isn't the rag, Haaretz, owned by Germans? They are the personification of the Erev Rav/Amaleikim (just as written in the Kol HaTor)! They are all being exposed for who they are, so that when H' starts His Judgment, everyone will all understand who and why.

Neshama said...

That's funny, a German Israeli newspaper calling a Jew, "a nazi". Blizzare!
Didn't know that, but it may be.