15 June 2017

The Death Throes of Morality

The Death Throes of Morality and  Mainstreaming Israeli Society to Voyeurism and Perversion
Artistic Expression vs Voyeurism

vo·yeur·ism . . . the practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked […].

"Miri Regev deserves our support. She has decreed that State funding should not support nudity. Culture Minister Miri Regev was greeted with boos when she got up to speak at the opening night of the Jerusalem Festival in Jerusalem. Regev set off a firestorm when she threatened to pull funding from the Israel Festival over performances that include nudity."

“It’s OK, this is part of democracy to oppose things I say,” she said. “Nobody can shut my mouth,” said the outspoken minister. “It is my right to say what I believe... I won’t get off the stage until I’m done.” […] naked performers are “detrimental to the basic values of the Israeli public and Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.”
Is this what the Israeli Citizens should be exposed to? The 'dumbing-down' of Israelis to Jewish morality.

Of course, (the Leftist Liberals’) Livni defends festival (nudity), saying: "This is culture, not pornography.” And she is whispering into the ear of Jason Greenblatt to guide him about Israel?? Does Israel really want to imitate what America does?

Mainstreaming Children to Voyeurism
Pornography at Manhattan School
Parents 'horrified’ 
after man performs surprise drag show 
at Manhattan school talent event

"Kiddie choirs. Children’s piano recitals. And a full-on, erotic drag show complete with gyrations, tongue gymnastics and a flashed G-string.

"Families at a Manhattan public school talent show got an unexpected lesson in human sexuality when a grown man took the stage in a black, sequined dress and flaming red wig and performed a raunchy drag number […]. In the words of shocked children:

“I saw her doing things like sticking her legs out and shaking her bottom and it felt weird,” said the boy. “I don’t know why they would do that for an elementary school.”

“I left the show the minute he started sticking his tongue out. I had my children with me and I wasn’t going to allow them to see that,” the irate mom said. "

Miri Regev cannot block state funding for nude art, Deputy Attorney-General Dina Zilber told the culture and sport minister on Sunday. the Association for Civil Rights in Israel appealed, on behalf of those performers whose presentations included nudity, to Zilber to intervene. The letter from Zilber said that only the Finance Ministry can block funding for cultural issues. Even then, she wrote that it can only prevent funding for content that is against Israel’s existence, supports terrorism or contains racist content. Zilber noted that the nude content in the performances was protected by free speech principles and that attendees who came to see the performances “were exposed voluntarily and are not a captive audience.”

Does the advertisement for this ‘performance’ state that there is nudity in the show? The more one is exposed to nudity i.e., The Dark Side of the Rainbow and Tel Aviv Pride . . .Acceptance in the M.E. and Tel Aviv Pride Parade is not just a celebration, the more one becomes weakened into believing it is ‘acceptable’. Yes, societies, can deem such immorality is acceptable, but those societies are historically short-lived. Rome is gone, Greece is gone, and Persia is gone – all glorified immorality.

Culture Minister Miri Regev to Shun Music Awards over Performance of Palestinian Poet’s Song 

"Culture Minister Miri Regev opposes Darwish song at ACUM Ceremony. Miri Regev is not one to keep her opinions to herself, and has stirred up controversy at numerous cultural events over the past year. And now she’s boycotting part of the annual ceremony because one of the awardees intends to sing a song written by the late poet *Mahmoud Darwish, who was regarded as the 'Palestinian national poet’". ['controversy’ to her credit]

"Earlier this month, at the opening of the Israel Festival in Jerusalem, the culture minister was greeted with boos after she had stated that she was opposed to state funding for performances featuring nudity. But she wasn’t deterred: 'Nobody can shut my mouth,' she said. 'I won’t get off the stage until I’m done.’"

Culture Minister Miri Regev should be supported and encouraged to continue to attempt to elevate the ‘cultural’ social venue. The level of so-called cultural events given to the public in Jerusalem, and all of Israel, is slowly eroding in morality. To expose young impressionable Israelis to events that are of questionable “quality” and “relevance” to Judaism is appalling. It brings to mind the Greek Olympics, where nude men pranced around and engaged in so-called gymnastics. Today we have nudity dancing on stages and it is called “Art”. The public is being taken advantage of. This is why Miri Regev needs to be strengthened in her endeavors.

*Who is Mahmoud Darwish? And why is Miri Regev objecting? 

Beside being a Palestinian Poet: 
Wikipedia: Darwish was a member of Rakah, the Israeli communist party, before joining the Palestine Liberation Organization in Beirut.[37] In 1970 he left for Moscow. Later, he moved to Cairo in 1971 where he worked for al-Ahram daily newspaper. In Beirut, in 1973, he edited the monthly Shu'un Filistiniyya (Palestinian Affairs) and worked as a director in the Palestinian Research Center of the PLO and joined the organisation. In the wake of the Lebanon War, Darwish wrote the political poems Qasidat Bayrut (1982) and Madih al-zill al'ali(1983). Darwish was elected to the PLO Executive Committee in 1987. In 1988 he wrote a manifesto intended as the Palestinian people's declaration of independence. In 1993, after the Oslo accords, Darwish resigned from the PLO Executive Committee.

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Anonymous said...

This is where you can see the holy words of our Chazal actually happening before our eyes when they said that our worst enemies will be the Erev Rav within our midst.
The Erev Rav are the epitome of the ancient Egyptian souls that tagged along with our people and polluted everything.