06 June 2017

What is Responsible For the Day Being 24 Hours

Scientists like to do things for attention. Slowly they are beginning to believe that the world is only a few thousand years old. There are videos that PROVE that the world is not older than twenty thousand years old. You have to see how disappointed the scientists are. The Videos are of  *Robert Gentry, “The Fingerprint of the Creation,” and “The Young Age of Earth.” Not one scientist in the last 30 years was able to disprove his theory. 

The Young Age of Earth

**What is Responsible For the Day Being 24 Hours. 

The rotation of Earth around the center of the earth, 1700 kil per hour. This determines day and night in 24 hours. If it went faster then day and night would be less than 24 hours and there could be twice day and night, meaning light and darkness and light and darkness. 

The earth goes around the sun for one year, and while it goes around the sun, it goes around itself every day a full circle  

The reason it finishes a full 360 degree circle in 24 hours is because the speed of earth is always 1700 kil per hour. If it were 1720 kil per hour, our watches would not work and Judaism would be destroyed! 

You would never know when Shabbat starts, why? Because it all depends on the rotation of earth. It’s critical for brit milah, or when to say kriat Shema, is it sunrise or not yet.  Over the years, all the months would be messed up.

The only way to create Judaism correctly is never to mess with the speed of the earth and stars – it is precise. Only two times did Hashem alter the universe, once for Yehoshua bin Nun when he needed more sunlight, and by Hizkiyahu when he was about to die, because he did not marry a woman and have children 

*Fingerprints Of Creation By Dr Robert Gentry
Fingerprints of Creation is a video detailing the evidence polonium halos offer that the Earth was rapidly formed and did not cool over millions of years. 

Source: Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi**

*Dr. Robert V. Gentry is a nuclear physicist who worked 13 years for the Oakridge National Laboratory ('69-'82). He has spent the major part of his scientific career investigating traces of polonium radioactivity inscribed in granite and is arguably the world's leading authority on polonium halos. His research has resulted in authoring or co-authoring over twenty research papers in scientific publications, such as Science, Nature, Geophysical Research Letters, Annual Review of Nuclear Science, and Earth and Planetary Science Letters. When he began his research, he was an evolutionist. Today, Dr. Gentry is a fully convinced young earth creation scientist.

Gentry's work showed that granite was never in a molten condition, because polonium pleochroic halos survive only in solid rock and the half-life of polonium is much too short to survive a multimillion-year cooling time. His results seem to indicate that the Earth was created instantaneously, in a cool condition. If true, it is clear evidence for creation. Gentry documents his evidence in his book, Creation's Tiny Mystery. The book contains copies of Gentry's reports in scientific journals and an intriguing narrative about the scientific community's response to his published findings.

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