24 July 2017


Israel's former foreign minister warns her country (Israel) is on the verge of 
a religious war with the Muslim world

Israel's former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni says she fears that Israel is on the verge of a religious battle with the Muslim world. (dailymailonline – no link)

Livni said tactical differences over controversial security measures at a sensitive Jerusalem holy site - imposed after a deadly shooting of two Israeli police officers - have deteriorated into something far worse.

She told Israeli media that 'we are a step away from turning our conflict with the Palestinians, and cooperation with Jordan and other Sunni nations, into a pan-Muslim event against the state of Israel.’

Livni said the Israeli Cabinet now needs to show leadership to prevent the scenario from happening.

In other words, first the Arabs seem to recognize and join with Israel for common security issues, then those who are fighting each other decide to stop (“why are we fighting each other, the Israelis are the enemy”) and then join together to fight against Israel (“their common enemy”) and the Jews, and the nations of the world hop on the Arab bandwagon.

Just a few metal detectors to keep guns and knives and other weapons from entering the Holy Temple Mount area! Over this they will start a world war? Naw, just another excuse to kill Jews.

“[. . .] large mosques in Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia all have metal detectors and security procedures for entry.” Mystical Paths

Meanwhile in the rest of the world:

5 Wounded in Chainsaw Rampage in Switzerland
“Man" carrying chainsaw goes berserk in northern Swiss town, leaving severely injured. ArutzSheva [“man” is a euphemism for palestinian terrorist]

Terror attack on Israeli embassy official in Jordan
Senior embassy official wounded in terror attack in Jordanian capital. Terrorist shot and killed. 

Jordanian police threaten to jail Israeli pilgrims for praying. Warning to visitors at Aaron’s Tomb comes as tensions between countries skyrocket over stabbing at Israeli Embassy. TimesofIsrael

Aaron's Tomb near Petra, Jordan. (CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia)

Shuttered Bronx synagogue becomes a dumping ground
After Bronx synagogue closes down, neighborhood residents dump trash on the property - then complain to municipality. ArutzSheva

Second anti-Israel protest outside Istanbul synagogue
For the second time in one week, anti-Israel protesters take their anger at Israel's security policies out on their local synagogue.  ArutzSheva  Turkish President: “the Zionists (didn’t) block worship at the mosques in Jerusalem, so we will defile, destroy, and block your entry to synagogues in Turkey”. Read more by acerbic and witty Akiva at Mystical Paths


Is Turkey Bank Rolling the Clashes Over the Temple Mount? IsraelRisingIt might be more accurate to say, Is ISIS via Turkey bankrolling the Arab Clashes…. Reb Nir ben Artzi says ISIS is controlling Erdogan and he does what they say, to save his neck. (Where are they getting their money from?)

PALESTINIAN TERRORIST FROM WEST BANK STABS ARAB-ISRAELI IN PETAH TIKVA: "‘I did it for Al Aksa,’ says 21-year-old suspect who served recent prison sentence for terror activities.” JPost

And the ongoing Arab Wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran in Syria, Iran supplying weapons of destruction to Lebanon, to name a few nefarious actions in Arab countries. Add to this recipe the Nations who are always ganging up on Israel. We are not allowed to defend our People, we are not allowed population increase and the need for housing, and, such as this:   “man! Israelis are so bigoted because they installed a metal detector so they won't be killed.” (also from Akiva)

This entire scenario reminds me of a Tale by Rebbe Nachman:

The king’s star gazer saw that the grain harvested that year was tainted. Anyone who would eat from it would became insane. “What can we do?” said the king. “It is not possible to destroy the crop for we do not have enough grain stored to feed the entire population.”
“Perhaps,” said the star gazer, “we should set aside enough grain for ourselves. At least that way we could maintain our sanity.” The king replied, “If we do that, we’ll be considered crazy. If everyone behaves one way and we behave differently, we’ll be considered the not normal ones.
“Rather,” said the king, “I suggest that we too eat from the crop, like everyone else. However, to remind ourselves that we are not normal, we will make a mark on our foreheads. Even if we are insane, whenever we look at each other, we will remember that we are insane!”


Anonymous said...

Sounds more like all the nations are ready for war and just need a good excuse to start one. One thing we need to remember is that H' controls everything and maybe the ultimate scenario is being pushed up because H' is speeding it up. Whatever, only H' knows and only He is in control. The main thing, H' protect every emmeser Yid and the righteous of the world. Peace, peace but they want war. Surreal.

Neshama said...

I just added something about Turkey. Israel Rising has an article about Turkey bankrolling the clashes on Temple Mount. But Reb Nir ben Artzi says that ISIS is controlling Erdogan, and he does what they say in order to save his neck. That’s bad (real) news for Israel. Put that together with Iran in Syria and refinancing Nasralla in Lebanon and our view to the North is getting more complicated.