22 July 2017

Ecological Terrorism – Sewage from Gaza Increasing

'Ecological Terrorism': stream overflows with sewage from Gaza

As a result of the crisis in Gaza, the amount of wastewater flowing into the stream that reaches the Ashkelon coast has increased. Vacuum trucks are no longer efficient, and the barriers erected by the IDF are not succeeding in preventing the flow of sewage into the stream.

Over the past week, the amount of sewage flowing by the Palestinians to the Hanun stream, which crosses Israel and the Gaza Strip, has increased, and Israel is feeling the impact of the pollution. Following the electricity crisis and the collapse of sewage treatment plants in the Gaza Strip, Palestinians are dumping their sewage into the Hanun stream.

"The dozens of trucks that operate are no longer effective, he added, warning that "the water level rises daily and if the situation remains as it is—the stream will overflow. Beyond the visible pollution, the sewage water also pollutes the Coastal Aquifer very severely.” YNetNews

Photo: Roee Idan

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