03 July 2017

CANADA FUNDING HATE THROUGH THE UN and other sundry disasters

Canadian Rabbis Call on Netanyahu to Reverse Conversion-Kotel Decisions:
The Canadian Rabbinic Caucus, a multi denominational advisory body (Orthodox/Reform/Conservative)”. . . .the decision . . . a significant setback for Jewish religious pluralism in the world’s only Jewish homeland.” The only Jewish Homeland is our Promised Land by G–D and as such needs to be governed by His Torah Laws, not by a 'quasi-multi-denomination’ (whatever that is).


Canadians Pass Dangerous Wide Reaching "Liberal Progressive" Law

Canadian senators have passed a new law which explicitly prohibits discrimination against transgender Canadians and affords them protection against hate crimes. But it's a little bit more complicated than that. Detailed in the video:

The new 23rd Prime Minister of Canada is the Liberal Party's Justin Trudeau, seems to be following in the footsteps of the Obama Doctrine. A travesty for all the moral and righteous people of the world.

Canada Funding Hate Through United Nations
"Brian Lilley discusses the Liberal government's recommitment to the UN pointing to a couple of recent events that show this is an organization that continues to prove the only thing it's interested in doing is undermining Israel and funding hate. Justin Trudeau must not use taxpayer dollar to fund UNRWA or any organization that has been linked to HAMAS. To sign petition."


German Liberal Progressive Ideology:
"Important goal of our education to raise willingness of children to deal with foreign cultures and to tolerate them."

"Parents in Rendsburg, Germany, whose son did not attend a mosque visit as part of his geography curriculum, have been summoned to court. A spokesman for the Itzehoe district court, Philipp Terhorst, has confirmed that there will be a trial in August.  The[parents] do not belong to any religious community and feared 'religious indoctrination' of their child. They argued that no one may be compelled to enter a religious building against his will. "[But they could be sent to jail under a ‘felony’ charge. And what happens to their son?]

Immoral, amoral, and threatening ideology to the family unit and individual freedoms pervading many Nations is a sign of decay, and ultimately Divine Punishment.

UK Jewish School Risks Closure for 
Refusal to Teach LGBT Issues:

"Vishnitz Girls School, located in the east London borough of Hackney, teaches girls aged three to eight. Most pupils speak Yiddish as their primary language; they are taught in a combination of Yiddish and English, with a 50/50 split between Jewish and secular studies.

"According to an Ofsted report on the school, teaching there contravenes the law as set out in the Equality Act 2010, which makes it mandatory for British schools to educate on a range of “protracted characteristics,” including age, disability, race, sex and sexual orientation.” How dare they interfere in our children’s education.


Sources: ArutzSheva and JPost.


Anonymous said...

Canada is an immoral pit that is spiraling down to the 50th gate of no return. They have also legalized bestiality.


Neshama said...

We Americans used to think that Canada was so much more moral than the US and a nicer place to live. But now with the world spiraling into the abyss, Canada is going for the ride.

Anonymous said...

#1 Anon is right. But, didn't know Canada fell that far down the sewer. These abominations are sure signs before the end. We know that H' will not allow it to continue on.
Also, Trudeau has been known to be ultra liberal and the French Canadians have never been friends of Jews. This new liberalism is just plain SICK!