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31 July 2012

Chinese Blackmail Szechuan Style

I think China needs a lesson in history. Even though they have theoretically been around since before the ancient Xia Dynasty 2100–1600 BCE, such lack of knowledge obfuscates the historical Jewish Biblical Era and Jewish Kingdoms (with authentic Kings).

"China ... warns that Mitt Romney’s pro-Jerusalem remarks [“Jerusalem is the capital of Israel”] could even 'reignite a war between Palestinians and Israelis,' says the Chinese news agency Xinhua."

Xinhua [China] threatens America:

"The U.S. presidential hopeful's dangerous words should be carefully watched ..."

“Romney stubbornly vowed to carry out this law, which, if translated into action, will cause international concerns,” the Chinese news agency added. It explained that 'any words that favor any party to the conflict regardless of history and reality are irresponsible and unfair for Palestinians who are in a less powerful position in the peace talks.'"

So, now we have China joining Persia in issuing threats to freedom loving people, even though:

"The 1995 Congressional Jerusalem Embassy Act states that the capital of Israel must be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but included a waiver that every president has recognized, postponing the move due to 'national security,' although the connection never has been made clear." (Who's 'national security'? America or Israel?)

China, listen up:

There was no legal Palestinian kingdom, people or government on the Land of Eretz Yisrael, only until England arbitrarily transformed **them from arab tribes into a ***kingdom with a ruler.

Now that China holds billions in America's treasury securities, they feel empowered to threaten America. Actually, the UK, Canada, Mexico and Egypt are holders of the most, totaling %1,205bn compared to China's %32.6bn. So there must be a more extensive economic relationship with Iran that has caused their warring words. Believe it or not, these two nations have a relationship going back to 200BC Sino Persian relations. See People's Republic of China and Islamic Republic of Iran at Wikipedia.

So, it's not so far fetched that *China would go to war over Iran. These two lands were connected by the Silk Route, the same that carried survivors from the destruction of both of our Temples (which we just completed mourning over them Sunday, the 9th of the Hebrew month of Av).


*BTW China has a tremendous lack of females. So, a theoretical war and takeover of America would solve two of their problems, and provide a wealth of resources.

** only Canaanite, Edomites, Ammonite, Moabite (King Mesha), Nabatean (Petra) and Bedouin style nomadic arab tribes, which roamed much of the Middle East.

***"On 17 January 1946 Ernest Bevin the British Foreign Secretary, in a speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations, announced that the British Government intended to take steps in the near future to establish Trans-Jordan as a fully independent and sovereign state. The mandate for Transjordan ended on 22 May 1946 with the signing of the Treaty of London and Trans-Jordan gained full independence. On 25 May 1946 the country became the Hashemite Kingdom of Trans-Jordan when the ruling 'Amir' was redesignated as 'King'."

"On 24 April 1950, Jordan formally annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem, an act that was regarded as illegaland void by the Arab League. The move formed part of Jordan’s "Greater Syria Plan" expansionist policy, and in response, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Syria joined Egypt in demanding Jordan’s expulsion from the Arab League. […] On 12 June 1950, the Arab League declared the annexation was a temporary, practical measure and that Jordan was holding the territory as a “trustee” pending a future settlement. On 27 July 1953, King Hussein of Jordan announced that East Jerusalem was "the alternative capital of the Hashemite Kingdom" and would form an "integral and inseparable part" of Jordan."

PS If you find historical or otherwise authentic inaccuracies, feel free to comment.


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