19 September 2011

Throwing Eggs at Little Girls

Is this why certain Rabbis want the frum community to not have technological communication devices? This is embarrassing.

Two haredi men arrested for throwing eggs at students in Beit Shemesh

The Beit Shemesh police department arrested two haredi residents of the city Sunday on suspicion of throwing eggs and tomatoes at students who go to the "Orot Banot" school. The arrest is the latest in a series of incidents involving the opening of the religious-Zionist school on the border of a haredi neighborhood in the city. (Yair Altman)

It was reported elsewhere:

"Haredim have been protesting against the “provocation” of having “immodestly dressed” little girls attending school next to a haredi neighborhood.

"Adult haredi men have thrown rocks at grammar school children, chased little girls down the street while screaming “whore” at that them, and have threatened to seriously injure the students unless the government closes the school. They also took over the school building in late August and remained there until Modern Orthodox parents tried to force them to leave. The two groups fought, and haredim were removed from the building.

"The Zionist Orthodox girls are modestly dressed according to Jewish law, but they do not follow the extra-stringent haredi dress code that is extra-legal."

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