23 July 2017

The Most Recent Flyby of NIBIRU

Nibiru's Thirteenth and Final Flyby Approaches Now
(including all the visual flybys of NIBIRU and the Nemesis System)

Amazing Explanations

Capture by Becky Smith (forgive her off-color rambling, she is in shock)
After the 35 min mark is a discussion of what is going on in Britain and the Brexit. Dave Dobbs is an extremely unusual person – an analyst of the politics in England AND a calculator of NIBIRU and the Nemesis System – Then skip his rambling to 47 when he begins again about NIBIRU. At 1:25 is a chemical explanation – fascinating.

This will be the 13th orbital rotation of Nibiru round Nemesis - without any doubt at all - before it completely plunges back through the ecliptic and into the Southern aspect of our Solar System, from whence it came. If there is any preparations we can make then now is the time.

September 17 2017 a maneuver by NASA supposedly invading another planet

Estimated:  Final Flyby 2 January 2018 (not exact)
Estimated the Govts will describe this as an alien invasion

WSO - Why the Big Orb on this Satellite is IMPORTANT to UNDERSTAND

Many of my Subscribers were perplexed about my dumbfoundedness yesterday looking at these images with the huge orb in it. So I do an in depth explaination of what we are seeing and why I think it is important.

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