20 July 2017

Technology Hiding Nibiru System – Catastrophic Weather Events Heating Up

Catastrophic Weather Events Heating Up

More proof of technology that hide the Nibiru system 7/19/2017

100,000 Lightning Strikes over S UK smashes World Record! - "Hair-Raising Static”

July 19, 2017: 100,000+ lightning strikes were recorded *OVERNIGHT* in just **ONE NIGHT** over the South UK near Cornwall on July 18, 2017. Damaging flash flooding, large hail and high winds also showed up for the event. They (the #climate #chaos) also made a pit stop in Germany with large hail and flash flooding, and last but not least a very intense storm ripped through Tokyo also on the 18th...dropping golf ball size hail, high winds and flash flooding.

WSO - Was UK Lighting of Earthly Origin? 50,000 strikes per hour New Record

California wildfire explodes in size as blazes scorch U.S. West
MARIPOSA, Calif. (Reuters) - A wildfire that has forced thousands of Californians to flee their homes exploded in size on Wednesday, threatening a picturesque gold rush town outside Yosemite National Park as dozens of blazes scorched the U.S. West. The blaze has mushroomed to 48,000 acres (19,424 hectares), an increase of about 23,000 acres (9,307 hectares) compared with the day before. The fire has destroyed 29 structures and is threatening some 1,500 more structures, local media reported.

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