27 July 2017


Artifacts from Kingdom of Judea found in Jerusalem's City of David – 
Days before Tisha B'Av fast, excavation unearths artifacts from First Temple period, including evidence of city's destruction at the hands of Babylonia.

10 ton rocks tossed like pebbles by recent flash flood - more #climate #chaos

WSO - Severe Weather Severe Increase - Sign of Planet X System?

Rare Cosmic Lightning Bolt spotted reaching High into the Heavens!

July 26, 2017: A rare form of energy has been spotted that is not that well yet understood because it is so rarely seen. On the night of the 24th they revealed themselves stretching high into the heavens reaching for the Gods from Hawaii, picked up of all things by a SKYCAM!

*Unknown ((hyper active)) Object* - NE Sky from N America - 3am...Possible Dwarf

July 26, 2017: David McNamara captured some awesome pictures and a video of something very interesting easily visible in our sky, the NE sky at 3:00 am July 21, 2017. While most were asleep David was out spotting a possible Dwarf Star or who knows maybe a Dwarf Planet. All I do know is the pictures and video are very intriguing to watch. I've posted the link to his Facebook page where he has all of the images and video listed, worth checking out!

WSO - The Best Prediction Model for Nibiru Planet X - Dates Included

I don't support dating, but this David Dobbs information is so compelling I am willing to call it the best prediction model for the Nibiru System we have ever seen at WSO [I posted Dave’s video HERE]

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