17 July 2017

English Translation of Meir Ettinger post of 14/07/2017 – נער ישראל – ואוהבהו

English Translation of Meir Ettinger post of  (a fine translation:

נער ישראל – ואוהבהו

אז על מה באמת גל הצווים המנהליים הנוכחי?

        מאיר אטינגר כ' תמוז תשע"ז - 13:22 14/07/2017

Since the previous column was written, we have received administrative detention (Elia Nativ - the people with you!). And at least six new administrative orders. 2 guys who chose to sit in jail instead of succumbing to the dictates of the draconian order. It is difficult to discern the special reason for the administrative orders now, so what is the current wave of administrative orders? Pragmatic right and messianic right. If we notice, we will notice that those who haunt us today are not leftists, or who have a special antipathy to religion and tradition. Today, Shin Bet officials, the police commissioner, the top echelons of the prosecution, and those in the government are all right-wing people, many of them religious. The "new elite" as they call themselves - graduates of the national religious public. Now, not only did the persecution not stop. On the contrary, the hatred and hatred of the people of the regime against Dream Dreamers has only grown so much that they can no longer speak for peace. It is precisely these people who see passion and revolution as a great danger, and persecute the youth to the utmost in a way that has no parallel in far more leftist and secular governments. This phenomenon is the result of the disease of coolness. In our generation, which is dominated by lust, which in all directions is attacked by temptations and lusts, it is difficult to paint how a majority of Jews who choose holiness can be assembled, it appears that a real public answer is irrelevant. When the choice of Torah and mitzvot is made of coolness, it is difficult to imagine how such a vision could be imbued with the entire nation. So messianism that has driven the return of Zion so far - has become a derogatory word, and dreams of the Kingdom of Israel have been defined as dangerous and as those that may undermine the imagined peace we created here. 


In the past, the settlement was imbued with messianic fervor, and with faith in the Torah. The settlement movement in Samaria called itself Gush Emunim, with the understanding that the force that drives the love of the land is the belief in God. On the other hand, the young generation that was educated on the knees of Zionism, whether it is in the IDF in academia or when it joined one of the branches of the government system, even if the skullcap remained on its head, but religion was drained of enthusiasm and adherence. A religious minister who was responsible for the evacuation of Amona, a religious agriculture minister that enables the Bedouin to take control of Negev lands more than any of his predecessors, and the head of the religious Zionist party that proposes a diplomatic plan identical to the Oslo disaster. This week, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman stood in front of the city of Qalqiliya, which he wants to expand. He explained that his victory over the expansion of Qalqiliya was actually a fundamental argument between a pragmatic right and a messianic right. Bennett quickly shook off the nickname "the disgrace." The truth is that in fact the difference between them is only quantitative. The difference between waiver of areas A and B only, is not significantly different from the addition of waiver of another few acres of Area C. It is no wonder that in such a reality, the hilltop youth with the messianic vision, dream-dreamers and cold-blooded refuseniks became the enemies of the people, the ones who are commanded to uproot and root. So that they would not set fire to their surroundings. The tragedy is that the same pragmatic and non-believable approach permeates the wider public, as well as the fearful public. Tired and weary of failed struggles, more and more attempts, preferring to earn what is possible and rest in peace, the obvious consequence is that those boys who are still burning, those last sparks that will naturally become dimmer and indistinct will become undesirable. 

Part 2

1. The youth of Israel. In a famous and revolutionary Torah by the Rebbe of Isabeche, author of Mei HaShiloach, he explains that Zimri was not a simple man but one of the righteous men of the desert generation. A man distanced from all passions, which only after he had made all possible efforts, did he realize that Zevi Bat Tzur was his real match. We will not dwell on this detailed account information. But in this Torah of the Rebbe of Isabeche is explained a great innovation, which touches the point in question. According to the Rebbe's explanation, it seems that Zmari did the right thing, and that is why Moses did not do the Pinchas act himself. Pinchas's recklessness was due to the fact that he was a little 'black and white' and did not get to the bottom of it. If so, why does the Torah praise Pinhas, so much so that it is said that in doing so he made atonement for the Israelites? The Chazal criticize Moses a little and note that "the Torah has ignored him"? Does the words of the Mei HaShiloach contradict the simplification of Scripture? 


The answer from the Rebbe of Izbica is surprising and constructive. "And this is said: that the youth of Israel and loved him." Although it turns out that Pinchas's act was a little boyish, he regarded the matter from a superficial perspective, but "even though the Torah chooses liqueur for zeal and devotion for the glory of Heaven, even if the actual act is not the best, . When the depths of the Torah are deepened, and in the accounts of Heaven, "the Torah has disappeared from it," when most of the accounts of chillyness spread, it is precisely the youth's power to shake the cold and to sanctify the situation. Rabbi Nachman of Breslav teaches that there are leaders and famous people who lie, who lead the generation through their boldness, and in their spirit of impudence they impose people under their subjugation, under their culture, and their worldview. In order to be saved from them, it is possible only by boldness, boldness on the part of the saint, who dares to refuse and accept their authority. If not for sacredness, we are all subject to the enslavement of those dictates and rules of conduct, of those limits that have determined what is permissible and what is impossible. With the help of accounting and coolness, it is impossible to overcome these dictates. It is impossible to break the barrier of pragmatism, precisely because of this God loves the girls' quality, despite its marginal shortcomings in relation to its virtues. The same girls we miss most today. The Shittim River. 1 This idea is similarly mentioned in the books of Hasidism in connection with the verse in the Book of Joel, "From spring he went out of the house of the Lord, and watered the stream of the Shittim."

Part 4

The Rebbe Rashab [pamphlet and spring] explains that just as the fall of lust comes from the spirit of folly that prevails over man, so too the pursuit of livelihood, and the excessive effort to negotiate, originate in the spirit of folly. We would stop a man on the street and ask, "A Jew, a livelihood from where?" The natural answer would be: "A livelihood from heaven." Despite this belief inherent in the hearts of the most simple Jews, we find ourselves chasing after livelihood, The Rashab is a spirit of real folly. How is it possible that a Jew who believes that God brings him the livelihood will make efforts that will harm his worship of God? And the fact is that we all live daily in this nonsense. If we believe that God is the one who runs the world, how can it be possible to act while giving up the yoke of Yoreh from the demands of the Torah? Indeed, "there is no obstacle to God to save a rabbi or a little," and our action is nothing but effort. "And anyone who is Jewish does not think in any way that the business is his source of income." In the end, Lieberman is right. There is no doubt that the real motive of all those elected religious figures is messianic, and by virtue of the holy Torah they derive the belief in our right to the land. The false insistence on imagining that we are pragmatic and fighting in the messianic spirit is nothing but a spirit of folly. If we notice, we will discern that, as in the private service of God, the yetzer hara is nothing but a spirit of folly, the only way to stand against it is through the spirit of holy nonsense, inexplicable stubbornness, and refusal to submit to any explanation of the yetzer hara. This is also the case in the general war, not against a pragmatic logic we stand in, but against the spirit of nonsense 'false messianism'. Which insists on its path even at the cost of security folly and moral injustice. Hasidism teaches that from all the foolishness of lust can be met only by the spirit of foolishness on the part of holiness "to be absolute in him absolutely finished that he must do his commandment according to the Torah and mitzvot and stand strong against the lust of the animal soul not to do what his heart desires. When one enters into arguments against the temptations of the yetzer hara, the coolness takes over and there is no ability to hold on to the temptation of evil inclination. It is foolish to think that the 'messianism of the left' can be defeated with realism and pragmatism. Without messianic fervor, and faith in God slowly fold all the flags, and the right turns to the left. Faced with the spirit of nonsense of the shell, we have nothing but a spirit of holiness, a boyish, playful spirit. For this we must forgo the attempt to reap achievements here and there, and focus on the main task of instilling a burning and burning messianic spirit. It is precisely now that the real virus is needed to liquefy the youth, even if the actual results are not in our favor, even if we assume that this is a vision that has something to add to the depth. Precisely now we need more messianism and yes, even more frustration. "The youth of Israel - and loved.

Part 5


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Anonymous said...

impostores de otra religión. la sionista.
no se equivoquen es una religión que va junto a un movimiento político.
el sionismo, ateo, lejos de la sagrada Torah, es un templo de adoración al ha satan. es por esto que digo, no os equivoquéis, lo que pretenden es un nuevo orden de todo y poner al mando al ha satan.
la nueva era como movimiento religioso es una de sus expresiones para capturar almas... Shalom.

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Impostors of another religion. The Zionist. Make no mistake is a religion that goes along with a political movement. Zionism, an atheist, far from the sacred Torah, is a temple of worship to Satan. That is why I say, do not make mistakes, what they claim is a new order of everything and put the command to ha satan. The new era as a religious movement is one of its expressions to capture souls. Shalom

lea said...

Dana. Entiendo que estás de acuerdo con Meir. No sólo el sionismo está en la raíz de esta etapa del Mesías, sino en cada rincón que el satanás está intentando con su último aliento para redondear lo que puede. Su tiempo ha terminado. Él estará terminado. No te preocupes. -Lea

Dana. I understand you agree with Meir. Not just zionism is at the root of this stage of messiah but every corner the satan is trying with his last breath to round up what he can. His time is up. He will be finished. Dont worry.