12 July 2017

ALERT: Pompeii – Mt Vesuvius on Fire – Yellowstone – Lincoln Montana Hot Springs



Yellowstone: Vast Lake of Molten Carbon Discovered Under Western US

Watch Mt Vesuvius Video:

Interesting comments to Video:

it's my opinion that the Caldera around Vesuvius, the volcanoes in extreme southern California, and Yellowstone are going to continue to activate coming up on the eclipse.

We had to evacuate our resort in Castiglione della Piscaia last week, just south of Pisa. There's been a drought in Tuscany and the mountains are covered in pina' trees. They burn like torches, and the wind is constant from the West off the sea. Vesuvius isn't active. The active vulcano is the caldera to the west Campi flegrei. And no, if there were Any activity on Vesuvius, you would have heard about it. The Italians tell it like it is. Loudly. So quit speculating. It's just freaking dry.

This is a Sign - If there are the greater activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee, then the southern coast of California - and the areas between Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada - may expect, within the three months following same, an inundation by the earthquakes

BP have a look into all the forest fires in British Columbia canada.. many people homeless and evacuated.

[. . .] everyone is missing Long Valley caldera. Where there has been more swarms, since 1980 and still growing and growing faster then Yellowstone. As much as 10 inches in a year. Trees are dying from gas release along with animals. The swarms happen daily. and growing. Not as big as the Yellowstone chamber but big.


The World is in Urgent Need of Repentance and Jewish Teshuva

Parshas Pinchas: HaRoeh Nir ben Artzi –

The Holy One, blessed be He, warns all the nations of the world, the presidents and prime ministers, not to deal with the Holy Land, the Land of Israel. Anyone who tries to speak against the Land of Israel or to harm the Land of Israel, the Creator will hit them hard through the elements of nature, complications and conflicts with themselves.

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The wicked are in charge. Real Jews need to do teshuvah so H' will take care of the rest.