05 June 2017

UPDATE “A Time of Terrible Persecution of the Jews"

Today the headline infers that the Haredim came TO THE POLICE TO START UP. NO, the police came into Meah Shearim to fight with them! On Thursday there was a demonstration in Ramat Eshkol against the forced inscription of Haredi youth to the IDF – And then on Friday there was Severe Violence perpetrated against demonstrators in Meah Shearim.
What Does Shavuot Mean to You 
In Other Words:
“A Time of Terrible Persecution of the Jews"

“The Rabbis are Trying to Silence Us"

Leader of the Yerushalmi Faction laments that mainstream haredi leaders do not join him in protesting haredi enlistment in the IDF. Yerushalmi Faction

Members of the Yerushalmi faction met Thursday in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Jerusalem, to protest against their enlistment in the IDF and the arrest of haredi draft-dodgers by the police.

"We are in a terrible period of persecution of the Jews. There is such hiding of the divine presence, [it turns] brothers [against each other. When there no fear of God burning in their hearts, then a strange fire enters, in acts that should not be done, and there is no explanation for it," he said, crying. "All the great sages of Israel throughout the generations worked to elevate their generation, to strengthen the generation in their own way, and today we hear opinions as if we must not elevate, strengthen and demand.”

A Very Unlikely Source Has Come Out in Defense of the Haredim

"Over the weekend, there was severe violence perpetrated by the police against demonstrators in Jerusalem's Meah Shearim neighborhood,” 

"Recently, there has been a disturbing trend of police brutality, which affects many sectors, including haredi protesters, political activists, and others,” 

MK Tamar Zandberg "The Knesset must urgently discuss police violence in order to preserve the basic democratic values ​​of the citizens of the State of Israel

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