12 June 2017

Lucena Rabbi Shiur – Sensitive Content

Lucena Rabbi – Rab Abe Discusses the Meaning of To’eba and Jewish Concept of Love

This sets the record straight.

Comments to the Shiur:
Behold, a seasoned Rabbi, exposing a true and balanced view of the Torah.... kol ha kavod!!!!

A very interesting explanation on a portion of this Parsha

Lucena, Córdoba

In early times Lucena was inhabited almost exclusively by Jews who had arrived together with its founders; hence it was called "Jews' City",  a nickname also applied to Granada and Tarragona. The Jews of Lucena, who carried on extensive trade and industries, were, according to the 11th-century Moslem geographer, Mohamed al-Edrisi, richer than those of any other city. They enjoyed the same freedom as their correligionists in the large Muslim cities. Their rabbi, who was elected by the entire community, was granted special privileges and acted as judge in the civil and criminal cases arising in the community. The Jews lived peaceably until the Almoravides came into power.

The name of this town comes from the Arabic “Al Husseine”–meaning “the handsome one”. It is one of the few truly Jewish towns--during the Moorish period Jews were in the majority here. It had the largest and most famous Yeshiva (center of Jewish study) in Muslim Spain. Its director, Rabbi Yitzhak Alfassi, known to most Talmudic scholars as the “Rif”, was a renowned interpreter of Biblical and Talmudic texts,. He also corresponded with the Jewish communities in both Palestine and Babylon. This correspondence, known as the “Responsa”, dealt with halakhic (Jewish law and tradition) subjects, and allowed the biggest Jewish communities at the time to enrich each other with ideas and insights.

Wikipedia: Lucena from the Roots of Sefard

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