11 June 2017

"Do Not Stray After the Thoughts of the Heart – “Heart” refers to heretical thoughts."

You cannot Claim to be Jewish or a Lost Tribe if You are NOT BORN to a JEWISH MOTHER

MASHIACH is JEWISH and NOT a Christian

The REDEMPTION is the Fulfillment of the JEWISH PEOPLE returning to their Promised Land – Eretz Yisrael

TOMERDEVORAH has a running series about the infiltration of non-Jews into the Jewish Life in Israel. Her latest is “Why Is 'Christian Aliyah' Being Promoted Today? Christian Aliyah. Some may see this as ‘prophecy’ but our Sages do not agree. The Jerusalem Post has a special new section for “Christian News”. Here is where you can find the most disturbing articles.

Throught all the millennium, Peoples and Nations have tried to claim Israel and Jerusalem as their own, each to be removed and extinguished in their attempts. The most recent have been the Palestinians, who usurp our history as their own, in their vile and evil ambition to destroy the Jews, and especially their historic link to the PROMISED LAND. Promised by G–D to the descendants of Yaakov Avinu and his 12 authentic Jewish Tribes, including Yosef and his two sons.

Here is a sampling of the Blind leading the Blind:


Jerusalem Post Christian News: 'Breaking Israel News' holds biblical prophecy conference in Jerusalem that is part the Rejoice Jerusalem initiative, spearheaded by Israel advocacy organization Israel365.

“The State of Israel is completing what the prophets of Israel foretold, a member of the country’s leading political party said at a biblical prophecy conference. 

“The inaugural conference took place on the 50th anniversary of the start of the Six Day War. This years marks 50 years of a reunified Jerusalem and the liberation of Judea and Samaria from Jordanian occupation. 

“Glick, who is a Temple Mount activist, calls his office in the Knesset “Jerusalem of Peace,” and says that all that one needs to do is look at the history of Israel to see how the Bible has come to life.

“‘Ezekiel – the bones aren’t dry anymore,’ ‘Jeremiah – Jerusalem is not isolated anymore,’ ‘Zachariah – not only [a few] children are playing in the streets, hundreds and thousands of children are playing in the streets,’” he said. “It’s happening before our eyes.”

“It’s an incredible thing when you know that God is using you,” he said. “We’re now realizing the prophetic national call in the Bible... People from the nations will come to Israel and realize their place: they’ll come to pray, they’ll come to be a plowman and vinedresser, to connect to Israel and to experience the light that’s going forth from this place.”


“These events are of tremendous importance to Christians, filmmaker says.  

“Filmed on location with an all-Israeli cast, In Our Hands is the story of Israel’s 55th Paratrooper Brigade. With first-hand interviews and historical reenactments, this exclusive docudrama focuses on the soldiers who fought for Jerusalem and announced to the world, “The Temple Mount is in our hands.” The film will be a one-night Fathom Events presentation from CBN Documentaries [Christian Broadcasting Network documentary team produces stories that highlight Jewish and Christian history, as well as biblical archaeology in the Middle East.] . . .in more than 700 theaters across the US, from Missoula to Fargo, Tallahassee to Terre Haute and all places in between.

[. . .] “The Six Day War is of tremendous importance to Christians,” CBN’s spokesman Michael Conrad. It is seen as the fulfillment of a prophecy given by Jesus in Luke 21:24 – “And they will fall by the edge of the sword, and be led away captive into all nations. And Jerusalem will be trampled by Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.”

“It is important for each generation to realize that there will always be a Jewish people- according to Jeremiah 31:35-36, 

“Thus says the Lord, who gives the sun for a light by day. The ordinances of the moon and the stars for a light by night. Who disturbs the sea, and its waves roar (the Lord of Hosts is His name): ‘If those ordinances depart from before Me, says the Lord, then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before Me forever-” and that the land has been given to Israel and her descendants forever: “I will give you the land that I promised Abraham and Isaac, and it will belong to your family forever” (Genesis 35:12). 

Due to the strong historical emphasis CBN also said it believes there will be widespread Jewish attendance. The network has also had a major outreach to the Jewish community and are receiving promotional support from groups like these: AIPAC; BNAI Zion; The Jewish Voice; Jewish Federation; Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center; Temple of the Arts/Saban Theater, and more.

by Rivkah Lambert Adler, Bible and Prophecy Watch reporter  (who made aliyah in 2010 from Baltimore) on Breaking Israel News as well as the Jerusalem Post.

[. . .] International documentarian David Kiern’s new film I Am Israel . . . Profiling six Israelis who represent different geographical regions and different themes of Israel’s rebirth, the film was created to allow Christian audiences worldwide to “meet the people who call this place home.” [some of these ‘settlers’ are NOT Jewish – non-Jews are not allowed to own Jewish Land – and not allowed to handle Jewish Wine]

I Am Israel serves as a reminder of the miracle of the Jewish people returning home after 2,000 years. . . .“We are living in the time spoken about long ago… time that this nation would be reborn.”

“The film also features brief interviews with MK Rabbi Yehuda GLick, …Land of Israel Network Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel, …Jerusalem store owner Moshe Kempinski, and … Mayor of Shilo David Rubin. […] Jewish viewers can be assured that, while the film includes xtian sites in Israel and mentions ‘J’ walking through Jerusalem, there is no whisper of proselytizing. While Jews may swell with pride after watching the film, they are not its main audience. […] We tried to show … an emotional way. . . not about maps or politics. We wanted to create an emotionally evocative film about the Land of Israel. We wanted to connect to people’s hearts.”


The Six Constant Beliefs:
(1) To have faith in Hashem. 
(2) Not to believe in other gods. 
(3) To understand that He is One. 
(4) To love Him. 
(5) To fear Him. 
(6) Not to stray after the thoughts of our heart and the sight of our eyes. 

Don’t follow your heart or your eyes, after which one can go astray. (Numbers 15:39) “Heart” refers to heretical thoughts and “eyes” refers to physical temptations, both of which can distract a person from what’s really important in life. We must not be led astray by philosophies that are not compatible with Torah or by physical desires.


Devash said...

Tommy Waller is the Executive Producer of that "I AM ISRAEL" film. All the "Jews" included in it are either messianics or very close to Xians and supportive of them being here.

Anonymous said...

The Tomer Devorah blog, along with your blog, are the probably the most important ones today. B'H, that we have such fine Jewish women (as our Sages tell us, because of the righteous women, we will be ultimately redeemed, as it was in the times of Y'tziat Mitzrayim).

The main reason that we have this big tzorah with the notzrim is that they were invited in and deals made by the Erev Rav who run Israel since its rebirth, but never at such a rapid pace as now. As the Gaon of Vilna tells us the Erev Rav, together with Esav & Yishmael will be our worst enemies. This battle is of greater danger than the physical dangers the State has been in for the last 70 years. This touches the soul of Yisrael! That is why it needs to be publicized as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

It must be made known and clear to your readers that the "Breaking News" site is a Xtian site and Jews should not go on to that site for news or anything else!!!

Neshama said...

Yes, thank you, Anon at 17:39, you are so right. Let all be cautioned!

Eliyahu Berkowitz said...

Hi, I am a writer for Breaking Israel News. I am shocked that this site claims to be a Jewish site while violating so many mitzvoth in a public forum. Are you not familiar with motzei shem ra? Breaking Israel News is by no definition a "Xtian site". The entire staff is shomer mitzvoth. We have never advocated anything other than mitzvoth. In the Torah is a concept of ger toshav. It is dealt with explicitly. To claim that non Jews cannot live in Israel is simply kfira, a refutation of the Torah, something I am shocked you would do in public. When you say that the "sages" object to this, are you referring to Jewish sages? Did you confer with a rabbi before printing such libel?