22 June 2017

UPDATE: Councilman Aryeh King: Jerusalem Building Freeze and Fake News

Jerusalem councilman against "the [building] freeze" and "fake news [about building Jewish homes]"

'Netanyahu ordered freezing of the Jerusalem building plans'
Deputy mayor of Jerusalem says approval of 7,000 homes in Jerusalem came only after he told Likud ministers he would go public about freeze. ArutzSheva

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and Chairman of the Local Planning and Building Committee, Meir Turgeman, responded this evening to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to approve the construction of about 7,000 housing units in the Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the Green Line.

The plan allows for the approval of 3,500 housing units in Gilo, another 2,200 in Har Homa, 900 in Pisgat Ze'ev, 500 in Ramat Shlomo and another 100 in Ramot.

"The person who gave the order is our prime minister," Turgeman said, referring to the plans for new construction that were frozen in the district committee after being approved by the local committee.

"During the week, I met with a number of ministers from the Likud - with Minister Erdan, I met with Elkin, I met with Yariv Levin, and I told them, 'Listen, I'm going to blow it up.' Yesterday afternoon, the prime minister's office issued a directive to unfreeze all the orders," he said.

Rabbi Zalman Melamed:

'More empty promises - I don't believe Netanyahu'

Beit El Yeshiva dean believes PM will renege on latest promise to build 300 homes in his community and will find more excuses for delays.

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Anonymous said...

B'H. H' bless Aryeh King. Wonderful to get this news out as much as possible. Most people are in the dark about most everything, as the main media makes sure to omit what is the most important.