12 June 2017


“Contested Holy Site”

How far has the Jerusalem Post sunk into the M.E. Quicksand of the Israeli Deep State?

WOMAN WHO DISROBED AT WESTERN WALL DETAINED BY JERUSALEM POLICE "The normally staid Western Wall became the scene of a bizarre spectacle Sunday afternoon, when an unidentified 23-year-old Jewish woman was arrested in the women’s section for completely disrobing and attempting to pray at the holy site.

"Earlier on Sunday morning, the Temple Mount was temporarily closed off to Muslims after a rock was thrown by an Arab assailant at a Jewish group visiting the contested holy site, lightly wounding one man.”   JPost

The only BIZARRE SPECTACLE in this whole article is the term “contested holy site” as a reference to the Kotel HaMaaravi!

UPGRADE: there needs to be a flood of letters to the editor objecting to that terminology!


Anonymous said...

Don't you see? The JPost, etc. with all the other leftist media is in the bag of tumah with the rest of our enemies. Plain and simple. They are doing their all to anger H' even more because, in reality, H' is hardening their hearts, just as He did with Pharoah, in order to punish them as severely as possible. History is being repeated and if we look at it that way (our Sages foretold all this), we can better understand why all these chilulim are taking place. Disturbing and frightening but not surprising!

Anonymous said...

Yes anonymous! You are spot on. The entire world is stepping off the sheker/obfuscation of 'on the fence and are choosing their side.