08 July 2013

The Beautiful Stunning Aeroplane

Following are a series of videos showing the magnificent flight of an Aeroplane solely powered by the equally magnificent Sun. Quiet, clean, graceful and I imagine the prototype to a yet to be designed flying instrument that will change the world in myriad ways. These all came from the Guardian.

Students build solar plane from scratch for record attempt - Building Solar Plane video
Students from the Middle School of Electrotechnics in Slovenia take on the challenge of beating the national endurance record for a solar-powered model plane. How difficult can it be? As they say, every hour the Earth gets enough energy from the sun to provide enough power for everyone on the planet for a year.

Energy Bits – young people doing their bit to improve the environment (Video) A unique project encourages school students to make films about creating a sustainable world for their own children

Solar plane completes historic flight across US - Solar Plane video
A plane entirely powered by the sun touches down in New York late on Saturday in the final leg of a journey across the US. The Solar Impulse began its trip over two months ago. The experimental aircraft has four propellers driven by energy collected from 12,000 solar cells in its wings which charge its batteries for night use

Solar Solar plane flies over San Francisco Bay - Solar Plane over SF video
A solar powered plane flies over San Francisco in preparation for a planned cross-country flight in May. The lightweight plane flies at around 3,000ft as it passes over the Golden Gate Bridge. Considered the world's most advanced sun-powered plane, Solar Impulse runs entirely on energy from the sun

Solar-powered aeroplane lands in PhoenixSolar Plane Phoenix video
Solar Impulse, a prototype solar-powered plane, lands after the first leg of an expedition across America. The fuel-free craft weighs the same as a small car and flies at an average of 43 mph. The plane is a prototype for a larger solar-powered plane engineers hope will be able to fly round the world by 2015

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