Monday, July 8, 2013

First Gush Katif, Now Amona on Tisha B'Av

Motzei Shabbat_UPDATE: Court grants postponement for evacuation of Amona outpost IBA news

The High Court has allowed for another nine-day postponement of the deadline for evacuating the Amona unauthorized settlement outpost in the Binyamin region. It was to have been Monday, but Monday night and Tuesday is the Tisha B'Av fast day.

The justices, led by Supreme Court President Asher Grunis, asserted that they have been presented with documents that show that portions of the five plots of land at the outpost were, in fact, purchased by the settlers, but that the State must evacuate the plots that were not purchased.

On Thursday, the "Yesh Din" group asked the High Court to order the state to evacuate the unauthorized outpost as soon as possible.

Why don't these guys look at the calendar once in a while!

I don't believe this! AGAIN the Israel Government has scheduled the destruction of yet another homesteading community on the 8th of AV! The day before the 9th. The "day of crying and wailing," the "day of the Miraglim," and the "day of destruction"

Yesterday I was on a tiyul to visit all the resettled Gush Katif families, in each of their new homesites. We saw building in the works, homes taking shape, a gan full of children. Some of these children were born during or after the expulsion. It has been taking 8 years to get the building under way. However, you can see that families are still living in Israel's new housing extravaganza: "Caravillas."

This is a Gush Katif transplanted Community in the making:

We met families who have already moved into their new/old homes and heard about their struggles and the beauracracy of the

We witnessed repair, revival, regeneration and strong Emuna focused on their future. We were asked to envision all this with the trees replanted (they are in the Negev, protected and waiting to be replanted in their new homes). It was an amazing day.

What a beautiful land we have.

And now the Israeli Government wants to create another catastrophe ... by uprooting Amona!

Despite the renewal we witnessed, one should not think everything is rosy for them. These brave people from the Katif uprooting have spent years struggling to rebuild their families' lives, with still so many are still shattered from their efforts to pick up the pieces and go forward.

It's over 8 years and some of these people are still homeless, and still having the mortgages from their destroyed Katif homes deducted from their [now empty] bank accounts. This has prevented some from investing in a new home; and some have yet to find work because they are over 50 and no one will hire them. It's outrageous.

And now the government wants to add Amona to the list. There are just too many Jewish homes destroyed while the arabs are allowed to build everywhere!


At July 9, 2013 at 2:46 PM , Blogger lemon lime moon said...

Sometimes this stuff is so outrageous there are just simply no words. You just sit and stare at the story with your mouth open.

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