18 July 2013

Evil Devices or Evil Advice

Are Frum Children in Jeopardy

This is unbelievable, but according to the below article, evil advice is being disseminated to Mothers of Jewish children. Whether this appeared in that "cartoonist's Pashkvill" or in a haredi publication of sorts (undocumented), it is comparable to Arab mothers' devotion to their children sacrificing their lives as shahids. Since we see so-called Jewish mothers and women going against their own religious norms in clothing , behavior, and practice, this may be the next step in waging war on the world. Frum Jewish children are in jeopardy.

While I don't believe this is the norm, there just might surface one or more "devoted Mothers captured by this extremist ideology".

chv's Dear G-d Al-mighty uncover these evil persons and prevent this.

This (picture below) was allegedly published in a haredi newspaper in Israel. "It says that mothers should consider killing their sons or cutting off some of their fingers or poking out one eye if they use smartphones, computers, iPods, etc., which the paper calls 'evil devices.'"

Someone, please find this paper, and get to the editor or publisher and talk some sense into them!


Jesterhead45 said...

Feel Sick

What does it really say about Haredi Society, Education, Chumra (that has effectively usurped Halakhah) and presumed monopoly on the Truth, when child abuse and murder is condoned?

Think about it this way, whatever their current faults the use of such "evil devices" as a medium has helped bring many people back to Judaism as well as given them access to many well-known as well as little-known Jewish texts amongst other things whether translated / transliterated / etc, along with allowing people to get proper answers to difficult questions instead of evasive / non-answers (usually from incompetents pretending to be educators) that end up being one of the many catalysis for people going off the derech down the line.

Yet the condemning of so-called "evil devices" and the justification of isolating communities from the rest of the nation to avoid negative influences will only end up making people in the isolated communities more susceptible to negative influence, with the long-term effect of ultimately causing more kids to go off the derech and later become the communities most harshest critics as many have done throughout history up to today.

In a way it could argued that in one respect such devices are like chickenpox, the more such devices are present at home (even in a filtered form) in front of children or an accepted part of the community, the more they provide a measure of immunity from the negative influences when compared to the potential consequences of not being immunized.

In this world pretty much everything can be used for both Good and Evil / Life and Death, even a pen.

Neshama said...

It needs to be followed up on whether the Rabbis know about this, and what they will say openly to condemn it.

ninest123 Ninest said...
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