22 July 2013

A Cemetery For Negotiations by an Expert Tailor*

It is incumbent upon all Torah true Israelis/Jews to pour out our hearts to HaShem, and while this may be "part of the plan", we should not relinquish land willingly ... that shows we do not "cherish her stones, trees and dust (sands)". While there is a 'decree' being forced upon us here on earth, the same is occurring in Shomayim, and we should not just let the 'forces of Yishmael' steal our inheritance in Shomayim as well as on the Land without a struggle. We must show that the Land is dear to us, because the Torah, Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael are One.

MK Feiglin:

"I call upon all MKs from all factions who are dedicated to the Land of Israel more than coalition discipline to consider their next steps. Loyalty to the land of Israel needs to come before loyalty to the party.” INNews

Very interesting:
While Feiglin believes in making a difference from within Likud party which has dominated the Israeli political scene for so long, Bayit Yehudi supporters believe more influence can be wielded from outside of it. Both men are currently inside the Coalition, and as "peace talks" progress, they will doubtless feel mounting pressure to leave it.

This creates bookends, which from both sides of Likud will be pressure.

MK Bennett:

Referendum Law or No Budget. Bayit Yehudi supports Netanayhu initiative to bring any “peace deal” to a plebiscite. This is surely not an adequate response, more like a band-aid.

"... the party will demand that a Referendum Law be passed, as a precondition for supporting the national budget in the Knesset. The law will mean that any political agreement which involves the surrender of Israeli territory will need to be brought before the electorate in a direct referendum."

"Let's not be na├»ve,” " ... implications for what our security and that of our grandchildren will look like; for the nation's unity on the face of the difficult challenges that will follow such an agreement; for the ideological and value-related DNA of the state of Israel. And above all – our Land was given to us thousands of years ago. It is unacceptable that a political maneuver at a specific point in time will decide its fate. INNews


"While Netanyahu declares any agreement will be brought to referendum, Jordanian paper releases interview with PA chairman conducted immediately after renewed talks statement. Abbas says 'any solution must remove Israel permanently from Palestinian land' 'Here we go again Abbas' sasab

MK Tibi:

"Arab-Israeli lawmaker senses 'bottled-up rage on the Palestinian street over the occupation'; says Netanyahu government 'not a partner for peace' ... Tibi urged the government to release all 104 Palestinian prisoners who were incarcerated before the signing of the Oslo Accords, saying its refusal to do so would 'jeopardize at this early stage the first meeting in Washington'." Predicts Intifada

Nahum Barnea:

This could be prophecy ...Washington is a great place to celebrate the signing of an agreement, but it is a cemetery for negotiations.

Barnea: "There once was a poor Palestinian who wanted to sew himself a suit. He did not have enough cloth, and the tailor did not know how to do his job. The result was harsh: One sleeve was short and the other was long; the collar was crooked; the back was stretched on one side and loose on the other. What's the problem? The tailor said. Where the sleeve is short contract your shoulder, and where it's long push forward, bend your neck a little, walk on your side and everything will be fine. When the poor man got to the street people said: Look at that miserable fellow, what nature has done to him. He is crooked and distorted; he is hunched and he limps, but the tailor he found must be praised. Remarkably, he was able to design a suit according to the poor man's measurements."

* John Kerry is the new wonderful tailor. Ynet


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