02 July 2012

Catastrophic USA

America in part is being pelted by fire, wind, rain, hurricanes, floods, heatwaves, blackouts and *stink bugs. About the loss of electrical power, that includes (to name a few) gas stations, computers, street lights, emergency first aid equipment, refrigerators, phones, anything that needs an electrical current, one politician said, "Mild taste of what an electromagnetic pulse attack would cause."

"Almost 2.4 million people from Illinois to Virginia were still without power Monday morning, with the biggest concentration of outages in the Washington, D.C. area." These states include Maryland, Atlanta, So Carolina, Tennessee, No Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio.

The forecast is "Catastrophic Damage to Power Grids", while the temperatures predicted go from Hot to Hotter (38, 40 and 41 C in some places).

Power may be out for a week for some customers: "an additional 55,000 outages were reported overnight. At 2 p.m., Dominion Virginia reported more than a quarter-million outages in the Northern Virginia area, with just more than 400,000 outages statewide."

My heart goes out to the people in Colorado who lost their homes, mansions, possessions, and their lives will never be the same again.

A very interesting and strange scene is this picture showing how one lone home survived the raging flames, while surrounding neighbors lost everything. What makes one home survive while another is reduced to ashes?

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