20 September 2021

Chag Sameach! – Succot – Welcome Mashiach


Daniel Grad said...

Have you repented Yisrael in order to welcome Mashiach? (Rav Tovia Singer).
You have time to do it until 25 Sept 2022, the end of Shmitah year.
Now you are in deep troubles orchestrating the deadliest Holocaust Am Yisrael suffered along millennia. The outcome will be like that in Egypt, as only 20% escaped along with Moshe. At the End of Days that suffering is the paragon.

Daniel Grad said...

Be sure Mashiach is watching with sadness how Yisrael's Erev Rav is planning the extermination of the nation for the Yom haDin. The external enemy never succeed since 1949. The proof of the Day of Judgement is the face of a dog of current generations.
Scholars were puzzled hundred of years how the End of Days looks. The gas chambers are replaced now by the vaccination chambers, while the Nazis are the nation's Erev Rav, the enemy within. Get your mind clear! Wake up! This is the most important year ever for the Am Yisrael. Don't let anybody alter how HaShem made you!

Neshama said...

Daniel, you hit all the right points. Yes, the ones in charge of the govt are nazis inside Jews? What an unbelievable reality, there are Jews that are nazis!!