06 January 2016

Waiting for the Court Trial

"the shootings, stabbings, injuries and murders continue, and it is clear that our government has failed in its first duty – to protect the lives of citizens. It is in such situations that vigilantes flourish"

Waiting for the court trial

In the meantime, we are all delving via opinion.
The media is sentencing via opinion.
The govt. operates via opinion (political correctness / ego).
The Shabak tortures because of opinion.
There is no real democracy here, only pseudo democracy when it fits their purpose, otherwise, they operate as if a police state.
The mishmash of Israel's future controlled by these forces is pushing back progress toward our redemption.

The clock is ticking ....
The time is drawing near .... **6000 (see below)

What the People of Israel are Saying (Crucial Opinions):

*With regard to “Amiram Ben-Uliel and minor indicted in Duma attack”, the shootings, stabbings, injuries and murders continue, and it is clear that our government has failed in its first duty – to protect the lives of citizens. It is in such situations that vigilantes flourish. At present, the vigilantes are limited to a small fringe element in Jewish society that has adopted terror as a response to terror. If Arab terrorism remains unchecked, the vigilantes’ response will spread to a larger segment of our society.

When a government does not protect its people, vigilantes step into the void. The Torah commands one to protect his life. There is nothing illegal about this. Only that it embarrasses the government, unveils the government's inadequate response to terrorists who kill, mame, and disrupt the nation. On the otherhand, what will it take to wake up the nation of Israel to give respect to G–D who created us and the Land of Eretz Yisrael? Why the fear for the laws of the Torah, G–D given laws to maintain a Jewish Nation, to raise children in modesty and awareness of Hashem. G–D given laws that sanctify the union (marriage) of a Jewish man to a Jewish woman. The current government and society of Israel is in deep trouble. "'Assimilation (in Israel) is a ticking time bomb'" Children are being raised without morals and an awareness of  G–D, an attitude of "anything goes" like that in America is destroying the spiritual fabric of the people.

'Half-a-year in jail over a complete lie' 
because I wear a kippa

The Father of Mordechai says: "I wasn't angry at the state, but I was disappointed because we saw there are huge problems here," said Gedalya. "Deep problems. The entire state needs a huge repair. If you can arrest someone for almost half a year over a complete lie, that's a very deep problem."

*"And we all have mouths. Public opinion is made by the public. We all need to be more outgoing ion making that opinion. The police and ISA and two faced polititions, Israeli and American, are all the same. They abuse their power, committing crimes and then lie about it, which is the biggest crime. First rule of Israeli leadership "NO MORE LIES" SHAME ON YOU ISRAEL WHERE A KIPAH AND PEOT ARE REASONS TO DISCRIMANATE"

*"The persecution is now directed at Americans who have made Aliyah. They are trying to stir up a hysteria because they understand that American Jews who make Aliyah are mostly religious and that would further the weakness on the left because religious people won't vote for them. Throwing the Duma victims under the bus will not help Yesha residents. Besides having the disturbing comments from trusted people like rabbis insinuate guilt , it is also the most wicked violation of halacha. As If you read the leftist papers you can see that they hammer away against American olim.This is as serious as it gets. Wake up. Yesha residents are next on the list."

*"Everything from beginning to end was a lie, still is a lie, and will always be a lie, because we are under the occupation of a medinat that lies. They hope for a change, for a better day, don't we all? But Israel is not America, and it will never be America nor American, no matter how much it tries to be or yearns to be. In America, there is, actually, some facade of a democratic process that is, in fact, utilized. Here, there is no democracy. To say that Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, is a lie. This is the first lie. This modern incarnation of Israel was founded by communists, anti-Torah, secular revolutionaries who hated religious Jews. Nothing has changed. One only has to ready history to learn what happened to the Jews who arrived here, and actually looked like Jews. One only has to read the history of what these elite so-called Jewish Bolsheviks did to decimate the Yeminite and other Jews who came from Sephardi and arab communities. I do not need to repeat the stories here. These poor parents are right...Israel has problems. But, these problems will not go away until we become a true Jewish nation, operating under the law of Torah. [...]"

Pungent Comment to the Duma Detainee Affair:

JPost Readers React  *How can a supposedly democratic country have a defense minister and education minister who call Jewish youths “terrorists” and accuse them of burning an Arab house when there is not a shred of evidence. Confessions from torture and psychological manipulation are not honest and not legal in a supposedly democratic society.
*In the first, you report that defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon “vehemently rejected allegations of abuse and torture leveled against the Shin Bet....” You go on to report that “dozens of psychologists and social workers signed a petition... in which they called for a halt to all torture of suspects who are minors, which they said violated the country’s basic laws.” The second article states that Education Minister Naftali Bennett called the alleged attackers “disturbed anarchists” with a “delusional and messianic idea” who are seeking to “destroy the ties between the nation of Israel and the State of Israel.” Did he ever meet the youths or question them? Was he in the room where they claim they were tortured? Obviously not! Yet he says he looked into the claims and found that everything was legal. Their adherence to a G-Dless secularism creates these bald-faced lies.

*Has anyone arrested and questioned members of the Arab family that was feuding for years with the family in the burned house in Duma? I didn’t hear about any arrests or torture to get information from them. How about bringing the suspected youths to trial and, if there is no evidence, allowing them to go free? Enough is enough!

The Early History of the Establishment of the State of Israel was full of Arab marauders (terrorists) who stole property, killed Jewish Settlers, and other sundry acts of war. So what did some of the 'settlers' do? They dealt with it.

Some History on Vigilante Groups Protecting Jewish Settlements
In the Vacumn of a Lack of Security Protecting the Jews

The Special Night Squads (SNS)  (Plugot Ha'Layla Ha'Meyukhadot, פלוגות הלילה המיוחדות) were a joint British-Jewish counter-insurgency unit, established by Captain Orde Wingate in Palestine in 1938, during the 1936-1939 Arab revolt. The SNS comprised British infantry soldiers and Jewish Supernumerary Police. Wingate hand-picked his men [...] and trained them to form mobile ambushes. [...] The operations came more frequently and became more ruthless. The arabs complained to the British[....]
For its actions, Wingate was awarded 
the Distinguished Service Order (DSO), 
and his three British officers were awarded the Military Cross.

The Jewish paramilitary organisations in the New Yishuv (the Zionist enterprise in Palestine) started with the Second Aliyah (1904 to 1914). It consisted of a small group of Jewish immigrants who guarded settlements for an annual fee.

The Control of the then Jewish Agency Pit Jew Against Jew

Many Haganah fighters objected to the official policy of havlagah (restraint) that Jewish political leaders (who had become increasingly controlling of the Haganah) had imposed on the militia. Fighters had been instructed to only defend communities and not initiate counterattacks against Arab gangs or their communities. [This is the Status Quo the settlements of Yehuda and Shomron are living under today].  This policy appeared defeatist to many who believed that the best defense is a good offense. In 1931, the more militant elements of the Haganah splintered off and formed the Irgun Tsva'i-Leumi (National Military Organization), better known as "Irgun" (or by its Hebrew acronym, pronounced "Etzel"). The Irgun and Etzel.

We know that the communities of Yehuda and Shomron have been infiltrated by Arab Marauders, the Fogel Family was slaughtered by them, The "three boys" were abducted and murdered by them,  Jewish Fathers and Children have been murdered by them, Car Attacks are an on-going business for these Arab Murderers, and now we have "Stabbers" in their teens trying to kill Jews. This has propelled righteous religious boys into action.  


** The Talmud, the Midrash, and the Kabbalistic work, the Zohar, state that the 'deadline' by which the Messiah must appear is 6,000 years from creation. According to tradition, the Hebrew calendar started at the time of Creation, placed at 3761 BC. The current (2015/2016) Hebrew year is 5776. Wikipedia


Jewish Defense Organizations. The Role of Jewish Defense Organizations in Palestine (1903 - 1948)

A Footnote of Absurdity:  *"they are investigating the composer?? This medinat has gone insane [....] they become Kim Jong!  Dov Shurin is the composer, who they arrested/questioned, of Zachreini Na, a traditional song recording the Biblical Samson's revenge against the Philistines. Wikipedia: Shurin's music ranges from soft folk ballads to electric guitar, fast-paced, danceable music. His lyrics range from original to biblical sources or a mashup of the two. A major hit of his was "Zochreini Na" זכרני נא[[]. The lyrics of the song are the prayer of Samson asking G–d to restore his strength so he can exact his revenge upon Philistines who had captured and blinded him (Book of Judges 16, 28). The song was initially popular mainly on Israeli settlements before gradually spreading to non-settler circles.

Assimilation in Israel is a REAL "Ticking Bomb."The Education, Culture and Sports Committee of the Knesset met on Wednesday morning to discuss the exclusion of Dorit Rabiniyan’s book entitled “Borderlife” from the curriculum set forth by the Ministry of Education. The book, which has created quite a media storm in Israel, deals with a romance that develops between a Jewish woman and a Palestinian prisoner.

The Shabak's Ticking Bomb equals THEY HAD NO EVIDENCE!


Interrogators Threaten: Torture like the Duma Suspects. Kol HaYehudi: A minor Jewish youth arrested on suspicion of connection to Price Tag attacks was released on Monday Jan. 4th. He reports that interrogators threatened him, “We’ll torture you like we tortured the Duma suspects.” And,“They told him that if he didn’t confess they would send him to be tortured like they did to the Duma suspects.”


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Wish every Yehudi could read all this, as today's citizenry is probably the most uninformed and that is the problem. Education, education, education to learn real Yiddishkeit (Torah) first, and including history, history, history.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

An interesting thing about the book Borderlife: I think Ms. Rabinyan is dreaming. I hear too much about young Jewish (especially Ashkenazi) women getting caught up in relationships with Arab men (often thinking they're Jews at first), and the horrible consequences derived from that.

The rare ones that work out - like the elderly lady who came back to Haifa from Syria recently - would be interesting to hear about, from a credible source. Even though her Arab husband loved her, the family didn't, from what I remember. It was in Times of Israel: see here.

It may be a case of "that was then, this is now." But there were many more that kept their mouths shut and their progeny only discover their Jewishness through a hint from someone else in the family.

The really good Arabs are amazing, actually. Not the fakers, of which there are plenty.

Neshama said...

I wouldn't call them Ashkenazim, their problem is in education. They didn't learn what Hashem requires of a Bas Yisrael. Many I would imagine are from the sephardi communities as a result of the rape of their cultural and religious heritage when they first came to Israel. And then there are the offspring of Jews from Arab lands that could be among them (knowing arabic from youth).

About the author of that book, I wonder if she is really Jewish. She looks a bit Greek to me. But I don't really know.

Whichever, there are complicated problems here in Israel.

Anonymous: Thank you. You are so very right.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

I don't want to argue whether the girls are Ashkenaziot or Sephardiot - or Mizrahiot, or green or purple - as long as they are Jews, Arabs consider them fair game. But I notice that in all the Yad l'Achim ads for taking back Jewish girls, the girls look Ashkenazi.

In addition, most of the leadership of the country is descended from Ashkenazi countries. I'm not calling names here, just noting that most of the people in charge of trying to work things out with our "cousins" have no idea of how to do that properly: They don't know who they're dealing with. They encourage Jews and Arabs to be friendly. go to school and work together and so on, and then wonder why the girls and the boys are attracted to one another. People with a history of living among Arabs won't do that.

And you'd be surprised how many Mizrahi families (that's what Sephardi Jews are called who are from the Middle East - Mizrah means East) speak Arabic at home. I have friends like these.

In any case, you are right - no matter how much education we have, we all need more.

Neshama said...

Thanks CDG for all your comments