19 January 2016

Dear Dafna ... (update)

DEAR DAFNA, you may not have grown up in your biological home, but you have managed to attract thousands of new family members in Am Yisrael who have come to recognize the kindness and specialness that you have left us.

  "Atarah [Dafna's adoptive mother] recounted how Dafna had made the decision to foster children at the same time that she decided to get married to Natan. “Dafna told us that when Natan had proposed she said she only had one condition, ‘no matter how many children we have, we will also foster children in addition to our own.’ And that is indeed what happened. They accepted Yaniv and Yair when they were three and the other was one and a half. It wasn’t simply to find an adoptive family that would accept two brothers together. The invested so much in both of those children and in the children of their own.” “We lost little Dafna. Little Dafna from whom emerged a woman who knew how to give back to others.”

NATAN MEIR: “My Dafna, she was one in a million. One in a million who grew up in a home that wasn’t a home and succeeded at growing and rehabilitating herself. Dafna was determined to return loving kindness to the world, and she did!”   

Dafna Meir leaves us with some thoughts that should be read by every Knesset Member and Government Member:

“I have been thinking a great deal lately, thinking about why, what should be done or shouldn’t be or can’t be, how to behave, especially on the road, but not only. The fears, for my husband and children, my friends and family. The situation isn’t easy. I sometimes have a feeling of [being in a game of] Russian roulette. And I can’t sleep.”

“There is a lot of sadness in my work. I have a hard time falling asleep after shifts. I wander around dazed in the house for at least two hours,”

she feared for emergency medical crews from Otniel who rush out to help those who are hurt nearby.

“Maybe there are traps” waiting for the rescue teams, she worries. “It’s frightening! And when they go out, in the first minutes before they arrive, maybe they have time to think, ‘Who will I meet this time? Maybe a neighbor, a friend, a wife?’ That’s the horrible reality.



 “I’m thankful for every minute I had with Dafna,” he said tearfully.
“I loved her from the minute we met when we were both soldiers until her very last day,” he said. “I’ll always remember her curly hair peeking out from under her winter hat.”

“When I walked in, she was already on the ground, I saw them struggling and I screamed in panic,” Renana told the Srugim news website on Wednesday.

“He was trying to get the knife out of her body to attack us, but she wouldn’t let him,” Renana said. “She wouldn’t let him take the knife out of her, she didn’t let him hurt us,”

“She was still breathing,” Renana said of her mother. “I asked her to keep breathing and not to stop no matter what, but already I knew that it was over,” she told Srugim. “My mom tried to keep breathing, and I felt like she heard me talking to her even though she didn’t respond.”

“I really hope that she didn’t hear all my screaming,” Renana said. “First I called the paramedics, and then I called my father.”

“She really was like a best friend to me; we didn’t have the regular mother-daughter relationship,” Renana said of her mother. “We talked about everything; she was always there for me. Our family, us, her children were her entire world.”

[Dear Dafna: If you can see us down here, know that you are loved, you are a special neshoma.]


VIDEO: Our boys captured one of their boys! What a difference in the education of a ‘boy’ makes:

"Education Minister and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett delivered an emotional eulogy Monday at the funeral of Dafna Meir ... He cited the week's Torah portion which tells how the Israelites were surrounded by light, wherever they were, while the Egyptians were afflicted with darkness. "In the great darkness, Dafna, you lit up your surroundings. You took your light with you everywhere".  INN

COMMENTS to above excerpts from TimesofIsrael article:

A beautiful Jewish soul has been extinguished by yet another savage hate filled Islamic terrorist.

Ale-ha Ha-sholom. May the Almighty comfort Dafna's husband and children among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.


SHE WAS A HEALER.  Dafna Meir was 38 when they came for her. She was the ideal Israeli, a daughter of Judea from the line of Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah. She was a loving wife to her husband Natan, a loving and doting Jewish mother to her six children. She was a woman of valor, choosing to live in Otniel, the Biblical heartland of the Jewish State; the Bible Belt scorned by the world. She was a nurturer. Two of her children were adopted. She was a healer. At the Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva, she served as a nurse. INN:

"She had so much more to give."

SHILOH MUSINGS: Arab Teens in Forefront of Deadly Terrorism with VIDEO. “Concerning the young age of the terrorists, both the PMW-Palestinian Media Watch  and David Bedein's Israel Behind the News have been writing about the education/indoctrination, all supported by the United Nations and innumerable foreign supported NGOs.” There go those NGOs again.

ALSO:  Israel Behind the News with VIDEO. “Dafna Meir, Mother of 6, Butchered by an Arab While Protecting Her Children” “Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) on Sunday presented the weekly Cabinet meeting with an index of Palestinian Authority (PA) incitement, including incitement to terrorism seen on children’s programs on official PA TV, in which children called for the murder of Jews. He also presented his plan to expose the complicity in fueling terror to the international community.” There goes the EU again.

NAFTALI BENNETT:  Real threat to Israel is leaders' complacency. ”Israeli history teaches us dear lessons on the danger of falling under the spell of 'Conceptions,'" Bennett told his audience at an Institute for National Securities Studies conference…"It's not the murderers who attack our civilians in Israeli streets and bring their concrete blocks into the heart of Jerusalem - but rather our mental blocks. Instead of shaping our future with our own hands, Israel is dragged into an existing reality. This, in my opinion, is the greatest threat to our security.”

Dana, "You were a family of six, but you had room to give more, and you opened your home to two more children. You were a happy woman, joyous, optimistic, responsible and loving. You were a unique soul. You brought life everywhere." Bennett noted that Dafna combined conventional medicine, in her work as a nurse at Soroka Hospital, and work as a natural therapist, specializing in matters of fertility.

"In addition, you guided brides – because wherever light can be added and new life begun, that is where you said'I am here.'

If only our leaders'  words would come to action. Naftali Bennett knows how to speak endearing words. "Our love is greater than your hatred. A nation whose heroes murder mothers in front of their children, will not be accepted into the family of nations, ever. A nation like that will never have a state. Quite simply, because hatred has no state."

Bennett noted that soon, we will be celebrating the 50th year since the liberation of Israel's biblical heartland in 1967. "From a desolate countryside, we turned the magical tracts of Hevron, Yehuda, Samaria, Binyamin, Jerusalem and the Golan into areas teeming with 500,000 Jews who have returned to their homeland," he said, and promised: "We will be 700,000, then we will reach 900 thousand, and celebrate the million, and then we will reach two million Jews in Samaria, Hevron, the Etzion Bloc, Jerusalem, the Bik'a and Yehuda."

"We shall continue. And we shall win through life," he vowed. Halevai!


Myrtle Rising said...

This was extremely moving, Neshama.
Thanks for putting this together.

Neshama said...

Myrtle, something about her just hurt me. I could see her struggling with the 'young' Arab, defending her children, while her daughter stood terrified hoping to intervene in some way ... It keeps bringing tears when I think of her.

Myrtle Rising said...

Yes, I can see why it would bring you to tears! That part really affected me, too....it's beyond words and really touches a very deep core to read about it.

It also brings home the superiority of the Torah-true Jew to the Koran-true Muslim: This Jewish mother died with great heroism to protect her children's lives and many Muslim mothers do the opposite and sacrifice their children's live for great terrorism (and then live off the money and honor they receive in lieu of their dead child).
Thanks again for posting this.