27 October 2015

The Thing which Saved the Jews of Jerusalem from the same type of Destruction that came to the Jews of Hebron in 5689 [secular year 1929]

The Thing which Saved the Jews of Jerusalem from the same type of Destruction that came to the Jews of Hebron in 5689 
[secular year 1929]

In the book, Ish Al Hachoma [ The man on the Defensive Wall ], the history of Master Authority, the Genius, Rabbi, Y.C. Sonnenfeld by S.Z. Sonnenfeld, volume 3 pages 315–316, the following incident is brought:

On Friday in the afternoon hours thousands of Arabs left the Omer Mosque incited after they had been heated up by a hateful and inciteful speech of the Mufti. They marched by the thousands armed with their knives and clubs towards the Jewish neighborhoods. Some of them turned towards the direction of Jaffa Road and another part turned towards Talpiot and Mekor Chaim and the Jewish Quarter of the Old City; however the main force of eight thousand turned in the direction of the neighborhoods of Meah Shearim and Beit Yisrael.

At the head of the incited mob that closed in to the direction of Meah Shearim Street was an Arab Sheik brandishing a large sword who was instigating the rioters to launch a pogrom against the Jews and not to have compassion neither on men, women, or children for it was a holy war [Jihad].

The residents were seized by a great panic and all that had the ability took hold of an iron rod, a wooden beam, heavy building stones in order to defend themselves from the bloodthirsty rioters. Also a handful of Hagana defenders that assembled in the flour grinding station of Shabti"l in the city (today in the place stands the Breslav Yeshiva) were lost for an idea how to deal with this wild mob.

When the rioters reached the Italian Hospital with calls of battle and murder ripping through the air, two youths exited the flour grounding station and marched towards the rioters. One of the youths, that under his cap bobbed his set of curled Peot, whipped out a gun and aimed it straight at the mouth of the head of the rioters who fell on the spot.

When the rioters saw that their leader was killed, a great panic took hold of them and they began to flee in the direction of the Sh'chem Gate. The two youths sniped away behind them and threw a grenade and killed three additional rioters. Now more were killed by one trampling upon the other than were killed by the Jewish defenders in the panicked flight.

The bearded youth that shot at the head of the rioters and saved the Meah Shearim neighborhood was none other than Rabbi Aharon Fischer (father of the great and important Rabbi, Rabbi Yisrael Yaakov Fischer ZT"L).

That is to say, that the few that troubled themselves by natural methods to save themselves from danger and did not rely on the British, nor on their friendship with certain Arabs, they were the ones that saved in an actual way.

Now in my humble opinion, it is fitting to relate to the current regime in the land as Erev Rav, in accordance to what Rabbi Tzuriel wrote in Otzrote Haraaya, Volume 1 page 65 and this is a quote:

Now this is the wording of the Zohar (in translation) Now these Erev Rav return to be the shepherds over Israel... and the men of valor and those that fear sin go around from city to city and will not receive compassion... And all the sages and men of valor and fearers of sin are in pain, and stress and agony, considered to be as dogs... While these of the Erev Rav are rich, in tranquility, and delight, without pain or agony at all, robbers, masters of bribery, judges and heads of the nation. [end of quote].

"Now Moshe stood in the gate of the camp and said, who is for G-d let him come to me and all the sons of Levi gathered unto to him" [Exodus 32,26].
with blessing
Shlomo Scheinman

Source: Topic 6: Appendix: Vilna Gaon


HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Now, that's more like it!

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting and I get what you are saying I think... but lemaisa we are also in a situation now where we have an angry mob chas v'shalom... I, for example, think that to go into a beit knesset (or anywhere) without having a gun or some realistic means of self defense is irresponsible.. We were told not to get a gun... which seems like logical hishtadlut...

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