21 October 2015

"I Will Bring Them To Our Holy Mount ..."


The below outpouring of the heart (in part) is from Yosef Rabin of Arutz Sheva

(...) Jews had been banned from entering the Temple Mount for about 400 years, from the time of Turkish rule until 1967. Knowledge of the forbidden and prohibited areas of the Mount had been blurred (...) according to Jewish law one is permitted and even adjured to ascend the Temple Mount in our times (...) we are still commanded in our age to bring many biblical sacrifices even without the Temple standing, despite our impure state.

The facts are all laid out in Maimonides writings: “Laws of the Chosen House” chapters 6 and 7; “Law of the Passover Sacrifice” Chapter 7; “Laws of Coming to the Temple” chapter 3; we can easily establish beyond doubt that once we know the permitted and forbidden areas it is permitted and even a holy obligation to enter the Temple Mount.

Rabbi Shlomo Goren, Chief Rabbi of the army instructed the Chief Engineer of the IDF to take careful measurements of the entire Temple Mount and used this study to discern the location of the Temple and permitted areas. Rabbi Goren wrote a very detailed and comprehensive book titled “The Temple Mount”, which is replete with detailed maps and Rabbinic and biblical sources. With the former Chief Rabbi’s work, plus the illegal Arab digs that have taken place over the past 15 years, we now know definitively where one may or may not tread on the Mount (....)

Moshe Dayan, who was an extremely anti-Religious Jew and was even opposed to the liberation the Old City (...) when Dayan reached the Mount and witnessed the glorious sight of an Israeli flag unfurled over the Dome of the Rock itself, he demanded its immediate removal and proclaimed that "We do not need this Vatican!" Three days later, Dayan shamefully went into the Al Aqsa Mosque took off his shoes and forfeited the greatest Jewish victory since the time of the Maccabees by granting the Arabs full control of the Holy Mount.

In 1967 the proclamation,"The Temple Mount is in our Hands”, was over within three short days and the great betrayal had begun.

The words to this haunting tune are below.

"I will bring them to My Holy Mount, and I will cause them to rejoice in My house of prayer, their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon My altar, for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”
Isaiah 56:7

This verse outlines for us the four stages that will lead to the rebuilding of the Temple: Ascent, Prayer, Sacrifice and lastly the rebuilding of the Temple. This was the same way that Ezra and Nehemiah rebuilt the second Temple. They first ascended, then they built an altar and then years later actually rebuilt the Temple and they did this under threat as well.

(...) King David: “Of David. Blessed is the Lord, my Rock, Who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war…. Deliver me and rescue me from the hands of foreigners, whose mouth speaks vanity and whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood”. (Psalm 144:2-11)

Words to the Song - מילות השיר:

שוב נעלה אל בית מקדשנו
We Ascend Once Again to Our Temple
שוב נעלה לבית המקדש
We Return Once Again to The Holy House
שוב ננגן בחצרות קודשינו
We Once Again Play Music in Our Holy Courtyard
שוב ננגן בבית המקדש
We Once Again Play Music in the Holy House


כיסופנו לא מרפים
Our Yearning has not Weakened
עוד נפשנו בוערת מבפנים
Our Souls Still Burn from Within
זהו ביתנו מדור דורים
This is Our House from Generation to Generation
בית תפילה יהיה לכל העמים
A House a Prayer it shall be for All Nations
שוב נעלה בשלושת הרגלים

Once Again Shall Go Up on the Three Festivals
כל ישראל כאיש אחד חברים
All Brothers of Israel as One Man
משפחות משפחות במחולות וריקודים
Families upon Families Dancing and Dancing
אנא אלוקינו זה חזון הנביאים
O' Lord Shall this Vision of our Prophets Not Come at Last?

שוב ישמח לבבנו בראות פני אלוקים

Soon Our Hearts will be Gladden Before Our God
ובריח אפנו קטורת הסמים
With the Scent of Incense Wafting through our Nostrils
נזכה בימינו כבימים קדמונים
May We Merit in Our Days as Days of Old
ותישמע בארצנו שירת הלווים
To Hear the Singing of the Levites Throughout Our Land

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