29 October 2015

Ikvesa D'Meshicha ... Gog Umagog ... Mitzvot ... Who is Saved From Hevlei Moshiach, and Who is Not


Thank you Devorah of Shirat Devorah for posting this link 
in the comments section of the shiur of Rabbi Kessin.


Racheli said...

Thank you so much for posting this! It's wonderfully refreshing to hear a Rabbi tell it straight!

Racheli said...

What the Rabbi is saying about Jerusalem also applies to the birth certificate. My children's American birth certificates say "born in Jerusalem, JERUSALEM!"
Not Jerusalem, Israel! Unreal!

Anonymous said...

The Rabbi should think twice before categorizing the religious zionists as those that care about Israel more than Torah and Mitzvot.

Ugly, false statement.

Maybe he should focus on the Chareidi lack of appreciation for the state of Israel.

David Matlaw said...

Lot's of issues with the 15 year old kid - I posted on other sites.

One thing I forgot to mention, was the fact that the mother immediately went to a close friend, R' Rami Levi (the Rabbi from the video), to discuss the story.

What was the secular, liberal mother that was supposedly upset that the story was being released (since it has religious significance) doing with a close friend that's a rabbi (especially a rabbi involved with tshuva)?

There are many more issues, but, no more energy to list them.

So much for the secular, anti-religious family!!?

אהבתי · השב · 16 אוקטובר 2015 10:04

David Matlaw ·

Interesting (in my opinion) update of the boy with the near-death story.

Previously, in sod1820 and other sources the story was that he was from a totally secular, liberal family with no background in the material.

Now you can read the latest posts (if you understand Hebrew) and the story is quite different.

The boy's mother is suddenly and reliable, religious lady, the boy was brought up religious and even work tsisit when this happened. They claim that he continued to wear it to make his mother happy, however, he was not personally as religious as his family.

They (and in this post, others also) talk about the incredible knowledge he had. The post even talks about how the kid spoke of things even rabbis don't know. Well, I heard the video a couple of times, and I don't buy that he said anything profound or that is not well known. Anyone, spending 1-2 hours on the internet can hear that and much more (videos on near-death and gog umagog). Also, if the kid grew up religious, even if he's not practicing, will have knowledge far beyond the general, well know things he said in the video. As far as rabbis not knowing this profound stuff (give me a break!).

Of course, those that try to show it was real and valid use lots of fancy words ("amazing, incredible, shocking",,,etc.) maybe since they have nothing real to say.

Bottom line, lots of hype, that brings down the level of these sites, and maybe at the expense of some truly valuable material they need to (and are trying to) present.

I don't know if any of you are lawyers, however, even the "lawyer" who wrote some of the article, does not sound very much like what you would expect to hear from a professional investigator. He talks about the fact that a body-language "expert" validated that the boy was telling the truth, but, left many logical and factual holes in the explanation or even the validity and reliability of this type of "validation" or the methodology - not quite a "controlled, scientific experiment".

Note: it turns out the body expert is R' Mizrachi, the self-proclaimed "expert" (based on his personal experience from giving lectures), without any special training or certification. The "lawyer" should be less dramatic, and more factual.

Many more issues - maybe later.