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24 August 2012

With A Mighty Hand ...

Today, the JPost reads "a reportedly large Hezbollah military drill held in southern Lebanon is part of an Iranian orchestrated preparation for a confrontation with Israel, a senior Israeli security analyst said."

Ok, first we had Egypt militarily moving into the Sinai. That's our Southern Front.

Now, we have Hezbollah militarily exercising it's muscle in southern Lebanon. That's our Northern Front.

Iran is still feverishly preparing their (nuclear) missiles to bombard Israel from the East.

What's left, the Mediterranean sea? Who's going to approach us from there? Hamas?

Just a month ago, there was a Russian submarine parked right off the coast of Georgia, that's Georgia, USA. Unnoticed while it collected all the data it was sent for.

That was the local news watch

In the rest of the world,

Circumcision and Shechita are being attacked, precisely because they are Jewish rituals of identification. We are getting it from all around us. Why not just forego our rituals for something benign, like those of the anti-Semites of the world, suggested one European? Why not try to banish the Muslim rite of circumcision and Hallal? Beware!

And when it comes to combatting terror, America convenes a Global Counterterrorism Forum, but excludes the one country living under terror way over 64 years. That's us, Israel. But maybe it's a good idea to eliminate terror from the rest of the world first, so the poor repressed people of the world can breathe again. This would then give them credibility, instead of being labeled hypocrites.

Caroline Glick says it succinctly, "Not only did the US exclude Israel, at the GCF’s meeting last month in Spain, Maria Otero, the State Department’s under secretary for civilian security, democracy and human rights, seemed to embrace the Muslim world’s obscene claim that Israelis are not victims of terrorism because terrorism against Israel isn’t terrorism."

"So despite the fact that Israel is a major target of terrorism, and despite the fact that many of the states the US invited to its forum condone terrorism against Israel and support terrorist groups that murder Israeli Jews, Israel is better off being excluded, because the anti-Jewish governments invited by the Obama administration will somehow totally change their perspective on anti-Jewish terrorism as long as they don’t have to suffer the irritation of sitting in the same room as real-live representatives of the Jewish state."

Do we need any more hints that we need to cry out to God to forgive us and take away our enemies quickly in a massive show* of "a mighty hand," "an outstretched arm," "with great fear," "with signs" and "with wonders"

*from our Pesach Haggadah


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