05 January 2010

The Archer, The Trapper, and the Abir Yaakov

Jewish End of Days has some good advice for us, especially in light of the large contingent of Israelis, including our Nava from Dreaming, who traveled to the gravesite of the Abir Yaakov, Rabbi Yaakov Abuchatzeir, in Egypt (Sun-Mon). I wonder if Akiva from Mystical Paths went also? (Maybe he'll have some more of his great pictures?) We will have to watch their blogs to find out.

Yishmael is known as the Archer.
Genesis 21:20
Esav is known as the Trapper.
Rashi on Genesis 21:28
A nice perspective on both here.

This is what we are witnessing now, the Yishmaelites just cannot refrain from lobbing rockets, rocks and knives against the Jews. And Eisav/Edom, in his many nations, cannot help but 'trapping' the Israelites into dead-end negotiations, outlandish demands on her people, land and protective security, from trying to steal Jewish land, Jewish religious items, places of worship, and the list goes on.
Edom arms Yismael: US to sell Cairo 156 F-16's; advanced arms to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and UAE.

But our Sages have given us segulos to apply in time of troubles. One such is:

The holy Abir Yaakov,
Rabbi Yaakov Abuchatzeira, ztkl, writes that the “Two Covenants” of the mouth and circumcision are like one, as the gematria of milah and peh are both 85. These covenants are directly connected to strict judgments insofar as “85 plus 1″ equals 86, the gematria of the divine name Elokim, the attribute of strict judgments. (He further writes that our forefathers merited redemption from Egypt because they guarded these Two Covenants.) Pilgrimage to gravesite.

Jewish End of Days reminds us that this "Tshuva will actually cause strict justice (din) to join forces with kindness (chesed) and mercy (rachamim) as an ally and protector against our enemies."

We must try to find greater endearment and greater favor in the Eyes of Hashem,
"that are on the Land of Israel from one end of the year to the other end".


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