14 April 2016

Mazel Tov! . . . After 2000 Years

'Historic' Secret Jewish Wedding Performed on Temple Mount

The wedding is only the second one performed on the holy site in over 2,000 years, says Temple Institute. 

The Temple Institute announced Tuesday it had played an active part in an actual wedding ceremony on the Temple Mount "one recent morning", adding that this was only the second time a Jewish wedding was carried out on the Mount in over 2,000 years.

"The couple met with Rabbi Richman early one recent morning in the Old City of Jerusalem headquarters of the Temple Institute, where the blessing over wine was made, a prerequisite to the marriage ceremony. Two appointed witnesses then met the couple at the entrance to the Temple Mount. The witnesses were obligated to both hear the declaration of marriage from the lips of the groom and see him place the gold wedding band on the bride's finger.

"All members of the party were instructed by Rabbi Richman that this had to be done without drawing the attention of the Israel police or the Muslim Waqf guards who would be accompanying the group of Jewish worshipers on the Temple Mount. Were they to notice they would certainly arrest all the parties involved and remove them immediately from the Mount.

"The plan went like clockwork, and while walking along the eastern perimeter of the Temple Mount, Rabbi Richman gave a tacit signal. The two witnesses drew close to the groom, who, ring in hand, said quietly to the bride… 'Behold, you are sanctified to me with this ring, in accordance with the law of Moshe and Israel', and quickly slipped the ring on the bride's finger".

Source: ArutzSheva