12 January 2016

Modesty Comes to the Fashion World

Dolce & Gabbana creates
The Abaya Collection

One Positive Affect/Effect of the Muslim Tsunami 
The world will take notice of the modesty* coverings required of Muslim Women*

(NOTICE: only the first two minutes are not, after that totally modest)

*Jewish Modesty is not just covering the body. It includes much, much more than the outer look.

There is a core distinction between the Jewish laws and customs of modesty and the Muslim mode of dress, reflecting two absolutely contrary world views.

The parameters established by Jewish law are predicated upon the principle of "The glory of a princess is on the inside" (Psalms 45:14). This verse sums up the need for a Jewish woman to be modest in all ways, as true royalty ought to be. Every Jewish woman is regarded as a princess. Just as the King and Queen don't reveal all their riches to the masses, so too a Jewish woman keeps her honor covered and not exposed to the eyes of all to behold. Aish

What is Jewish Modesty (Wikipedia) . It is used to describe both the character trait of modesty and humility, as well as a group of Jewish laws pertaining to conduct in general and especially between the sexes. The term is frequently used with regard to the rules of dress for women.

Article originally seen on times of israel news site

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GoldieZP said...

I'm glad you posted this. Do visit my latest post that speaks about the dangers of being haughty and not modest.

Jesterhead45 said...

While not disagreeing people tend to overestimate the modesty standards of the muslim dominated world, since even the modesty of muslim women offers little to no protection from what is currently going on in Europe yet has been the norm in muslim-occupied lands for millenia.