03 January 2016


BACKLASH: Confession Under Torture

Adi Keidar told reporters that "not only were the suspects abused and tortured, it is my suspicions that the prosecutors who submitted the indictment did it under duress."

"I would like to remind you all that for over 40 days our client was accused of being guilty of direct involvement in a murder, and today, after 40 days it was revealed that these accusations had no connection to reality."

"In the written indictment he is not accused of murder at all," Keidar charged. "I think that this is a day of soul searching for the Israel Security Agency (ISA) and for the prosecution. I believe that in the coming days as we learn more about the alleged proofs that have been attained, only then will we know just how great the oversight on the part of ISA has been."

Attorney Ben-Geir:  I suggest the Shin Bet not rush to celebrate," he added, noting several different high-profile cases [- the Bus 300 affair, the Amos Baranes affair and even the Bar-Noar shooting] in which "the system did everything to prove a crime even at the price of criminalizing innocent people."

"My clients are innocent, my clients have not confessed to the police! Only through torture did they break during Shin Bet interrogations," Ben-Gvir stressed, noting the abuse the clients underwent made their confessions inadmissible.


In a video message, the Ben Ulliel family said: “We the parents of Amiram are shocked and appalled by the news that has been associated to our beloved son."

"We believe in the innocence of our son that will be proven in court, and we hope that the courts will reveal the harsh and violent abuse that he has suffered these past weeks during the interrogation process," the family added. "We want to stress that we are against any and all violence against any person.”


The Shabac simply HAD to save face, didn't they? First they grab some hilltop kids without any evidence that these kids did anything wrong. Then they hold them for weeks or months without a hearing, without legal representation, without their parents being able to see them, while torturing them. In the meantime, no evidence is found against these kids. Then these kids, to stop the pain and torture, "confess",  just to end the nightmare. Then the Shabac "has" them and indicts them on the basis of these "confessions" which aren't worth a hill of beans because they were made under extreme duress and torture... The Shabac is building a whole case based on lies, fabrications and frameups, and nothing but. Next thing, after the gag order is lifted, is to fabricate evidence against these kids.

This is a JEWISH STATE. There is no equivalence in the actions of Jewish kids vs. the actions of Arab terrorists! The latter - along with the majority of their very supportive population - have MANY TIMES OVER proven that they are the ENEMY! There is no proof that these kids were involved in the Duma affair, none whatsoever! I appreciate the Shabac when it does the job it's meant to do, which is kill or jail Arab terrorists. Even if these kids did do wrong, this whole situation would not have happened if the Prime Minister and governments handled this hostile minority they way they should. NO Israeli government since 1948 has done the right thing when it comes to the Arabs. Let any Arab who does not accept Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel - leave willingly to any Arab country he wishes, or any other country! We should PAY them to leave, but leave THEY MUST! These Jewish kids aren't the enemy, they want a Torah State, and in that Torah State the only gentiles who will be allowed to live in it will be Noahides! THIS WILL BE, regardless of what you or anyone else thinks. In addition, these kids - along with the rest of the Jewish population here - are sick and tired of being sitting ducks for Arab terrorists. I'm not advocating it necessarily, but that's why some of these kids take the law into their own hands. Wipe them out??? WIPE OUT ARAB TERRORISTS, the enemies of the JEWISH State!

‘Solid Evidence Versus Confessions’
There’s no question in my mind that deadly arson is a major crime, and the perpetrators needs to be brought to justice. What does bother me is how justice will be played out? It has already become subject to a media drama, and no doubt diplomatic as well as professional integrity will also be hanging in suspense awaiting the due process of law. Due to the immense need to maintain a healthy balance within Israeli society, truth, and only truth can prevail. In my layman’s opinion, the case must rest more on solid evidence that can be corroborated from external sources, rather [than] mere confessions of self-implication, which under the circumstances of that prolonged detainment could be justifiably regarded with doubt. Meanwhile, we can expect all the vicious radical sectors of Israeli society to fan the flames of additional hatred, probably equal to whoever caused the initial arson in Duma. Only one victor can emerge and that is a just, justice.

How come the indictments were filed with such detail. This is not justice or truth. They should have been charged with the offence and then the case presented in open court not a publicity stunt for the media and the left to gloat over. It is time for Israel to have a jury system so that it is not for judges alone to dispense justice.


THE REAL TERRORISTS: Israelis say sense of security lost as near-daily attacks persist Poll finds 61% say level of safety has been harmed, while 71% express dissatisfaction at government response to violence

IN THE END THE HIGH COURT WILL GO AWAY: Yes, in the end the High Court will go away to a place where it can no longer harm the Jewish people, the Torah, and the land of Israel. It will happen when the Jewish majority in Israel vomits it out and decides to establish a court with different, more appropriate values. It will happen because the current court has established its own values that we simply cannot live by. KolHaYehudi

GOVT ENDANGERS JEWS BY CONFISCATING GUNS OF JEWS: While the wedding video of Jews dancing with guns is being used to paint a certain picture, the truth is rather more complicated. In truth, the police often deny the requests of Jewish settlers to receive gun permits and thereby endanger Jewish lives. KolHaYehudi

LIGHT vs DARKNESS:  "There is an attempt to erase our Jewish roots and it will not succeed. The same will happen with the Attorney General, who will step down within a few days, and [the new one] will come and balance the Jewish roots in the courts, which until now have been controlled by the elites in an undemocratic fashion," Habayitah

"It hardly makes sense on its face that Israel has any “Jewish Division” at all, especially in its Security Service. In this sense it IS acting like “any other country” —one that is just as much against Jews as any other. Those of us closer to the action feel sick, much as the people prophesied about in Jeremiah 30:6, with yerakon, green sickness. Right after that, in verse 7, it says "...it will be a time of trouble for Yaaqov, but he will be saved from it." I love my country, I hate the government's behavior

RETURN OF THE KING: Israel is facing a grave "king" crisis. Never mind the Muslim terrorists stabbing, slashing and shooting any Jews in range. The real threat was uncovered by Shabak's Jewish section, a gang of Jewish youths had plotted to "appoint a king". It's a lucky thing that Shabak had prevented the "return of the king" through the usual measures of planting informants and torturing detainees. SultanKnish

Sources: Parents Speak Out / Indictments Filed Sunday Morning /


ISA abuse, the police, the Prison Service and the Ministry of Justice; A letter to
לכב' ח"כ ניסן סלומיאנסקי, יו"רועדת חוקה חוק ומשפט הכנסת ירושלים
Concerning the Abuse on The Duma Detainees.


Anonymous said...

To add to all of the above, what is most disturbing is that there is a "Jewish" section in the Jewish State! Frightening and surreal.

Neshama said...

Yes, that is what CDG wrote in her post, Love my country, hate my government's behavior

She had a lot to say about that.

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For some reason paragraphs of your writing is not showing up and some if it is light blue and very difficult to read. Is this on purpose or is there something wrong with my phone. I love your blog and do not want to miss a word!

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Moriah, I'm so sorry you are have difficulty. I use other colors to offset text I feel is important and belonging to a certain theme, plus other color to indicate links. On my computer the colors are coming thru against a dark green background. If I change the layout to a lighter background, I'm afraid all the older posts won't be visible at all.

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