25 January 2016

In Honor of Tu B'Shvat

After tasting the delicacies that Israel has to offer, you can read about the Kabbalistic Insights of TuB'Shvat at Shirat Devorah. But first, you must taste, so at 120 when they ask if you enjoyed the Gifts that HaShem has given you in this world, you will be able to say, "not only did I taste, but I learned".

The Talmud says that one of the first questions we're asked when getting to heaven is: "Did you taste all of God's fruits?" The beauty of fruit is that it not only sustains us nutritionally, but includes many fringe benefits like taste, texture, color, and form. We will be asked, "Did you taste all the fruits?" – in other words, did you appreciate God's gifts in this world? Aish HaTorah: The 6 Constants, Method #1: Nature

"Second only to the Western Wall, Marzipan Bakery is a must-do on the list of many return tourists to Jerusalem. The chain sells all sorts of cookies and pastries – not marzipan, oddly enough – but the main reason for all that passion on the part of consumers is the bakery’s signature gooey chocolate rugelach." (Made from flour that comes from the Wheat grain. A delicious form of wheat delight.)

Marzipan Bakery's Chocolate Rugelach in Jerusalem 
(and Fruit Cake and Challah)

Marzipan Challah

The Seven Species Sheva Minim of Eretz Israel

Photo: Moshe Milner/ GPO

Glorious, red pomegranates and their Middle Eastern sister, luscious toffee-like dates, are delicious, increasingly trendy, and healthy to boot. As it turns out, when consumed together they are a winning combination in the war against heart disease. Technion


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