07 January 2016

Blueprint for the World

The Vilna Gaon (1720-1797). "We must bring 600,000 Jews to the Land of Israel. ... This is the authentic love of one's homeland.

“And the Lord your G-d will bring you to the land that your fathers possessed and you shall possess it.”   This is the 5,708thverse of the Torah, and in the year 5,708 (1948) the state of Israel was established and the Law of Return enacted, of which law the Sages’ saying can be applied: “The day of ingathering of exiles is as great as the day heaven and earth were created.” 

From the very beginning of "The Return" to this new (old)land that the desperate Jews were to inhabit, there were two sides to the endeavor. 

At one point the religious Jews were very much in favor of resettling. In fact, in 1880s there was religious Aliya from Eastern Europe, with farming settlements such as Mazkeret Batya. The Hovevei Zion, or the Lovers of Zion, were responsible for the creation of 20 new Jewish settlements in Palestine between 1870 and 1897. In the late 1870s, Jewish philanthropists such as the Montefiores and the Rothschilds responded to the persecution of Jews in Eastern Europe by sponsoring agricultural settlements for Russian Jews. The Jews who migrated in this period are known as the First Aliyah. Founded in 1878, Rosh Pinna and Petah Tikva were the first modern Jewish settlements.

Mazkeret Batya is a town in central Israel located southeast of Rehovot and 25 kilometres from Tel-Aviv, founded November 7, 1883, by 11 pioneers from Russia and 7 local Jews [...] the first agricultural settlement of the Hovevei Zion movement. Today the area is in demand. Even Nefesh B'Nefesh is promoting Aliya to: "Mazkeret Batya, founded by a group of religious farmers in 1883, is absolutely charming. Quiet and slightly isolated, yet very close to large shopping areas and within commute distances from the main employment areas."

Back to the planning stages. In fact, the Orthodox Jews were very much in favor of Hertzl's idea (as they perceived it). However, the East European Jews were still entrenched in their lifestyle to undertake such a move. When Hertzl died there was a struggle between the forces. Zionism breaks with Orthodox Judaism and moves towards Communism.

It is from this communism and socialism the seeds of todays secular cultural zionism took root. Somewhere our Torah literature explains that this was actually ordained. That the non-religious were to inhabit, and build the infrastructure for this final Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael. However, if Orthodox Judaism had succeeded politically (which I believe was truly the purpose), I'm sure the concepts of "Torah", "Halacha", "Mashiach", "Biblical agenda", "Jewish morality",  and belief and devotion to G–D would be every day conversation, not to mention the news media.

However, this cultural zionism (communist socialism) is what produced today's thinking, such as Religious Zionism must disengage from zealots:

"If you go to Judea and Samaria communities and to the large Zionist-religious [rather, Religious zionists] public which supports them even though it doesn’t live there, you will discover that most members of the young generation are unaware of the international dispute over their future. As far as they are concerned, it is definitely Israeli land, and the Arabs living there are not welcoming us because of their viciousness and theft. God promised us the land and it is our holy duty to hold on to it. [Because they live and breathe a Torah ordered lifestyle, and work and live with the Land like the early settlers of Mazkeret Batya.]

"With such a dominant discourse, when the realpolitik [secular status quo beliefs of the non-Jewish nations] is completely mixed with a biblical and halachic discourse alongside frustration over the fact that the State of Israel is not being run "according to the Torah" and does not determine its values, borders and agenda according to a biblical agenda, there is no wonder that the most frustrated people decide to act. [Because they see the corruption within the Israeli society, a complete breakdown of healthy mores, and constant unrelenting terror from Arabs]

"We are talking about a group of young religious people [Jews], who honestly believe in the Jews' superiority over the Arabs, a superiority they learned about at home. Pay attention to the "Revolt" group's plan: Appointing a king, building a temple, eliminating idolatry, expelling the gentiles and religious coercion in the public domain. Their entire language is out of touch with modern reality in an embarrassing and depressing manner.
[the complete rai·son d'ê·tre of the Jewish People from Mt. Sinai up to today, according to the Holy Torah, is the rebuilding of the Third Temple, Mashiach's arrival, the establishment of a Judaic Commonwealth, like the First and Second Temple Periods, bringing the Nations of the world to recognize the One G–D and the elevation of the world. But this is anathema to the Jewishly estranged cultural zionists in power today.]

This is why there is a breakdown in the Israeli society of today, with rampant poverty, hungry children, a political environment powered by individual "egoism" and not for the betterment of the Israeli population, an overemphasis of cultural depravity, immorality, and Arabs attacking before and after 1948 until this very hour. They attack because the Jews of Eretz Yisrael are not living according to the laws and ways of our Holy Torah.

The stabbing intifada is replica of the 'prodding' Stick of Hashem prodding His Children to Return not only to the Land of Israel but to Him and His Holy Torah, the blueprint* for the world.


*BLUEPRINT:  A blueprint is a reproduction of a technical drawing, documenting an architecture or an engineering design.

ZEALOTRY:  Zealots are part of our Jewish Heritage. The Zealots were originally a political movement in 1st century Second Temple Judaism which sought to incite the people of Judaea Province to rebel against the Roman Empire and expel it from the Holy Land by force of arms, most notably during the First Jewish–Roman War (66-70). Judean Israelites.

TORAH:  The Five Books of Moses, given to him by the G–D of the Universe, on Mt. Sinai. The Jewish Nation's direction for life on Earth.

MORALITY: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

REPLICA: an exact or very close copy of something

EGOISM: "ARROGANCE IS POWERFULLY DESTRUCTIVE. It is so incredibly blinding. It closes the door on objective thought until even simple, but humbler people can see reality more clearly than people twice the intelligence. How many tragic but “unforced errors” have occurred throughout history, forced only by people’s oversized egos?" Rabbi Pinchas Winston, Parshas VaAira.


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AN EXCELLENT EXPOSE OF THE LEFT: Progressive Panopticon of Political Correctness: Surveillance without intervention is voyeurism. Surveillance with intervention is tyranny. The awareness of surveillance changes behavior. That was the fundamental idea of the Panopticon. "Surveillance alone was power. [...]" "The awareness of surveillance changes how we live." Thought Policing is the goal of Political Correctness." "The left has always understood the supreme value of controlling discourse." "To totally control the individual, it is necessary to completely eliminate his personal spaces, his capacity for authenticity and individuality." "The left is simply the war of an ideological collective against the individual. [recall the torture of the Detainees]" "It is the war of the political against the personal. It is the war of power against freedom. It is the war of the progressive Panopticon against the mind of man."


Anonymous said...

Like attracts like. The more one focuses on say negative events (evil, terror, scarcity) the more he will hear about these or encounter these in his own life. He is attracting them in his own life through the power of his thoughts. never heard about the expression You are where your mind is?? If we want moshiach to appear we need as soon as possible to FEEL 24/7 how it will feel when he will be revealed, Then we will merit him. The Rebbe of chabad meant the same thing when he told us his chassidim they ought to LEARN every day about moshiach and geulah and to LIVE like moshiach is already here. Start today and spread the message.- Ronit

Neshama said...

Thank you Ronit. I have heard that saying. You are so right. I'll take your advice bl"n.

Moriah said...

"...let them praise His Name with dancing; with drum and harp let them make music to Him. For Hashem desires His people; He adorns the humble with salvation. Exult let the devout in glory,let them sing joyously upon their beds. The lofty praises of G-d are in their throats, and a sword, double edged, is in their hand; to execute- vengeance among the nations, rebukes among the regimes; to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with shackles of iron; to execute upon them the judgement that was written. That judgment day, a splendor it will be for all His devout ones,hallelujah!

Psalm 149