31 May 2011

Why I Call the PM's Speech a Blunder

Why I called it a blunder.

Because the time was ripe (vis-a-vis the Geula) to declare that since the Arabs (so-called Palestinians) are intent on the destruction of the Jews and want to steal the Jewish Land from the Israelis and the Jews all over he world, they should pack up and head for any Arab country of their choice and the State will pay for their relocation. We Jews are tired of being attacked by you! Leave us, and move on. You were only stewards until the Jews returned.
And If you do not want to live peacefully and stop attacking and killing Israelis, you must go.

This is what he should have said ... humbly.

The last time of opportunity to bring the Geula was after the same 6-day war in 1967. Instead of giving the keys back to the Wakf after he conceded defeat, it was our opportunity to regain rightful ownership of Har HaBayit. Nothing but tragedy has ensued from that time forward.

This time, PM Netanyahu didn't seize this current opportunity accurately. Instead of being bombastic about '67, the time was mesugal (appropriate) for declaring our ownership of and responsibility for our Eretz HaKodesh. All according to Jewish Halacha (law).

There is the possibility that Shomayim was prepared to match courage for courage! That's my contention.

And now perhaps the Geula has been pushed off. Or will continue even more vigorously. I hope that what I sense is not so.

Egypt opening the floodgates with Gaza, ensures more and more weaponry will easily flow into Gaza in preparation for a colossal confrontation from the south.

Headlines already indicate a build-up of Alqaida forces in the Sinai. And the Palestinians are planning their 'celebrations'. They call it Naksa, the 'setback'. They are planning for Arab-infiltrators from the north, east, and southern borders, to coincide with our Jerusalem Day celebrations commemorating the '67 war victories and the reunification of Yerushalayim.

A scenario of huge proportions.

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