04 May 2011

Strange ... Coincidence?

Now there is more credibility to the unique observation of Muqata and Elder of Ziyon that OBL's compound was built with an intentional resemblance to the shape of the map of Eretz Yisrael, including a structure in a position approximating where the Temple Mount is (and l'havdil their E A Mosque) as an attempt to ... (? whatever).

A strange shape. But now there are 6 identical compounds within Gaza!? As reported by Debka:

..."the late Osama bin Laden's organization has established networks around Israel's borders in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egyptian Sinai. In the Gaza Strip, harbored by Hamas, al Qaeda operatives have built six villas on the model of Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan ..."

That just make it easier to flatten them all simultaneously!

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