31 May 2011


Hope and Hype

The NYT stated — "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel returned from Washington
(last) Wednesday to a nearly unanimous assessment among Israelis that despite his forceful defense of Israel’s security interests hopes were dashed....."

"Hopes were dashed...?"
Hope for what? President Obama's "hope hype."
Netanyahu's forceful defense ... while eliciting pride among Israelis and many Jews all over the world, and once and for all publicly and strongly stating Israel's position to the US Congress and to the Nations of the world, was an act of boldness (on the edge of arrogance).

Yes, it was inciteful to the Arabs. With the Congressional admiration and standing ovations publicized all over the world, sent a message to the Arabs and Europeans. Netanyahu must hold very very tight to his words and NOT loose grip on our Land.

"One of the widely articulated goals of his trip, where he met with President Obama and addressed Congress, was to find a way to lure the Palestinians back to direct negotiations, thereby preempting their plan to approach the United Nations in September for recognition of statehood within the pre-1967 lines."

"a way to lure Palestinians back..." the goal changed because of Obama's Thursday speech. How many times can one discuss and rehash Arab demands intending to weaken Netanyahu (any of Israel's Prime Ministers) and squeeze the Israelis further into an untenable and dangerous situation. Their announced goal and what is written in their charter (never to be altered) is the destruction of the Jewish Homeland.

Why do we have to lure them back? This is our Land, given to us by G-d as an inheritance to serve HaShem therein. G-d's promise is contingent on Jews studying Torah on the Land, and creating a moral society that observes the Shabbat and other Jewish laws.

"Giving away" any of our ancient and modern Land to a people who would desecrate the Land we are not allowed to do, and there are halachos (laws) pertaining to what we can and cannot do. We hear so much about the Sharia law of the Muslims, but G-d's laws given to us on Mount Sinai preceded and were never abrogated. The Seven laws of Bnei Noah and 613 laws for the Jewish Nation.

Why do we have to 'lure' the Arabs onto our Land and make them into a state inside our legal borders? Listen to what they say to their people. Realize how they teach their children to hate the Jews. Watch what they do. They have brought violence, hatred, and slaughtering to a universal norm. So what if they lived here once. So did the Canaanites, and they were banished by G-d from the Land with the Land given to the Jews. We are the sole inheritors caretakers for this Land. The Christians did not supersede us and the Mohammedans did not supersede us, no nation superseded the Jewish Nation on Earth!

They want to go back to '67,
well let's go back to when the Wakf handed the keys
to the Temple Mount to one of the Jewish soldiers,
as a sign of DEFEAT.
Give us back our keys to Har HaBayit!
Let's begin from there.

The Temple Mount, Har HaBayit, and
Yerushalayim has belonged to the Jews since the time of Abraham Avinu. No matter who tries to destroy and malign our history it does not change the universal truths.

"Instead, the Palestinians now say, Mr. Netanyahu’s speeches persuaded them that they had no negotiating partner. They plan to intensify their United Nations efforts, leaving Israelis worried about increasing international isolation and pressure."

Palestinians: Negotiating means not compromising, not giving in on one inch, and pushing for more and more. This is NOT negotiating.

So, where IS all the negotiating?
Behind the doors of and among the American Obama Administration members!
Scheming, plotting and devising new ways
to bring down the Israeli Nation.

For all the Nations of the world to go against the Jews after they were legally mandated their historical Homeland because some thugs are churning the whole world into a pot of turmoil and destruction is

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