12 May 2011

Making Everything Free ... True Freedom

Very interesting. Could it be possible? Should world economies collapse, would the notion of making everything free create a 'survival of the fittest' in one's "choices"? Or put this way, choosing kosher over non-kosher, or choosing truth over falsehood, choosing production over stagnation, choosing righteousness over paganism, goodness over evil, LIFE over 'Death driven ideologies'.

Such choices Divinely inspired and chosen wisely, sifting the good from the evil, could eliminate the evil in the world. Your choice, your future. Perhaps the perfect setting for ushering in the Geulah Shleima.

Choose Life: choosing the Supreme Ruler of the entire Universe, the G-d who created man and woman in the very beginning, choosing the Chosen People and choosing HaShem. This leads to true freedom.

My thoughts were spurred by the following. As it is, one good thought generates another, and another.

Genius has consequences. It is often regarded as heretical. Genius is thinking outside the box: If someone can think it, it usually can be done. It just needs lots of people to work out the details. Drones. The trick is coming up with the idea in the first place.

When talking about genius, Einstein immediately comes to mind. He taught us to see ourselves in a completely new way. There was nothing sinister or controversial about Einstein. He was not known for making overt political statements. Yet the politics of his day drove him to seek more fertile ground. Princeton, where he theorized and taught till his death in 1955, provided a fitting bucolic backdrop to his ever engaging harmless hairstyles.

Einstein’s research also led to the development of nuclear weapons. There is no reason to assume that this alone spurred his intellect. In fact, had he known, he would probably have aborted his research.

Facebook was born out of an infantile impulse. It quickly turned into a legitimate tool for social networking. Of late, it has been accused it of being responsible for toppling governments.

Skype is said to serve millions, including many who have relatives living abroad. It is a way to communicate over the net. Initially, the ability to see the person you were talking to was novel enough to download the program. Now, I dare say, most people using the service leave the camera turned off. A more tangible lure is that the service is free, bypassing post office queues and telephone charges. Governments are stymied. They are forever threatening to tax such services. But how is it possible to tax something that’s free?

Perhaps therein lies the ultimate solution that Utopian new worlders have in mind: everything free. With the collapse of economies it almost seems like a given: Free services for all. Success or failure would then hinge solely on the number of subscribers; rate of activity; polls; readers; watchers; bell curves, etc. Governments, wedded to old-school money and regulation for fuel, would collapse. Amen to that.

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