31 May 2011

40 Billion MORE??

Business Week has an interesting article how the G-8 found $40 Billion Dollars.

For the Arabs they found more money just lying around waiting for a good cause? Not to mention the Millions for the Palestinians! The world's economy teeters on defaults and the nations throw money at terror and strife in the name of nation building or democracy building? These people who might elect the Muslim Brotherhood into power. The same group that wants the quick demise of the Jewish Nation and People? Their relatives who are regurgitating the Nazi Party to lead them into the future?

Just see this video that Israel Matzav has on his blog:
About how deprived the people of Gaza are.

Where is their sechel? Oh, that's right, they are one group, a group of 8 nations, that come together to solve some of the World's problems! They are one group of one mindset. They are propping up countries that seek the end to Judaism on earth. It's in their charter, on their websites, chanted in their streets, and in the textbooks taught to children as their imperative as a Muslims.

They are anti-life, anti-goodness. They are anti-G-D.

Why not $40 Billion for starving peoples in decent countries whose only weakness is lack of ingenuity and industriousness?

Instead they feed the evil in the world.

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