17 April 2013

April 15-16: Coincidences ... or Maybe a Divine Message

A few things seem to have collided around April 15-16 linked by the Boston tragedy. They may be coincidences, or they might be connected through the weave of terrorism's spider web being spun across the globe.

World Net Daily indicates that the US was warned about future attacks on America's soil:
"The source for today’s information blamed the Islamic regime for the Boston attack and pointed to the collaboration of the regime’s Quds Forces with Hezbollah and elements of al-Qaida with links to individuals in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. He said that under Quds Force guidance, Hezbollah recruited Sunni terrorists allied with al-Qaida factions in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, who then entered the U.S. for terrorist activities. Read more at WND Report

Two earthquakes, one massive, struck Iran and were felt From New Delhi to Dubai and all "Across Middle East Region Under investigation is a fragment from a Pressure Cooker identified as the bomb (filled and timed), which someone linked to weapon styles used in Pakistan. Pakistan suffered from the quake, that was just across the border near the epicenter of Iran's 7.8 massive earthquake. A collaboration of Iran and Afghan-Pakistani al-Qaidaniks could be responsible for the Boston attack. Saudi Arabia is predominantly Sunni. Iran is predominantly Shia. They are both functioning under an Islamic umbrella. Either one or the other is targeting Jews, Israel, America.

"Saudi King Abdullah and Egypt’s Morsi condemn Boston bombings" (Oh, really?) DEBKAfile discloses "that suspicion has fallen on a terror cell of three Saudi nationals, very possibly tied to Al Qaeda in Arabia...  a third is on the run."

And more so, Oklahoma experienced 5 quakes about the same time. Earthquakes rock Iran and Oklahoma.

Surrounding the Boston Terror Attack, we have 5 earthquakes in Oklahoma, 2 earthquakes in Iran (how Oklahoma fits into this not sure, but), Korean threats to Nuke countries, Anniversary of the Korean ancestral socialist tyrannical regime, US Tax Day, Boston Patriots Day, Boston International Marathon, the first and oldest since 1897, Boston Tea Party revolt, Israel Independence Day, Korean Marathon, and perhaps more.


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