23 October 2011

The Way I See It

The way I see it:

The Terrorists captured and sequestered Gilad Shalit, "Hamas, Army of Islam and Popular Resistance Committees terrorists took Shalit into captivity, kept him hidden and refused to honor the Geneva Convention that requires captors and kidnappers to allow Red Cross visits and communication with families."

Wikipedia: "Shalit was abducted" ... Multiple human rights organizations stated that the terms and conditions of Shalit's confinement were contrary to international humanitarian law. The United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, which released a report in September 2009, also called for Shalit to be released.

TRUTH: Gilad was kidnapped and held against his will for 5 years.

LIE: The “Free Gaza” movement alleges that Gaza terrorists “captured” and did not “kidnap” Shalit

But now that Gilad is home,

TRUTH: Hamas vows to ABDUCT more Israelis. The operative word here is "more".

To "abduct" is to "kidnap" (to remove i.e., a person by force or cunning; kidnap).

Hamas vows to abduct more soldiers
TRUTH: Leader of group's military wing threatens more 'kidnappings' until all Israeli jails are emptied of Palestinian prisoners.

LIE: ‘Free Gaza’ Says Shalit Was ‘Captured,’ not Kidnapped. The “Free Gaza” movement alleges that Gaza terrorists “captured” and did not “kidnap” Shalit.

More hypocrisy in action

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