11 October 2011

Dire Warnings

Yeranen Yaakov posted some alarming warnings by the Shomrei Emunim Rebbe:

Just a few, read them all here

There won't be even 1 second of warning when this will occur. Therefore, we must prepare בכל נפשנו ומאדנו [which possibly means "with all our souls and money"].

All Jews outside of Israel should come to live in Israel. Even those who cannot do so should purchase an apartment so they'll have a place to which to escape when the time comes.

The closer the Palestinians declare their state, this is a sign that they will be pushed out. This is why Yishmael is turning over the world - because it still wants to stay in the land. Very soon, Hashem will remove this Ru'ah Tum'ah from the land, and all the impure chaff and straw which is delaying the Redemption will be as chaff before the wind and as the flame that setteth the mountains ablaze

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