05 March 2010

Post Purim: What a Cute Idea!

I received an email about a Raffle for a yeshiva.
It was colorful, professional, and very engaging.

Mostly it was about mon$y. The lure was the fancy house, furnishings, and private vault containing the weekly checks you’ll be receiving if you win the Raffle.

All this for just $36, or $50, or $100, or $180 for ticket(s).

However, there was another option, and when I read this I couldn’t help but wonder,
as the familiar ad goes, “What’s the Catch?”

Then I couldn’t help but grin, a big grin.

Why, for only a series of payments, stretched over several months, as your DONATION ……………….. you could be joining others in supplying a series of checks, stretched over several months to the RAFFLE WINNER.

Therefore, on a monthly basis, you will be supporting another Yid! ...How Great!

BUT why should all that money go to JUST ONE YID?

WHY wouldn’t it be better and more the essence of Chessed and True Tzedaka to just donate a monthly sum to a whole
GROUP OF WINNERS = your poor
and needy brothers and sisters
in your hometown
or in Eretz HaKodesh!?

I guess what will really happens is ..... the donations will total MUCH MORE than the amount going to that ONE YID,

What a cute idea.

Want to see the video? Go here.

A Gutte PURIM it was!

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