20 November 2008


Don't you feel it?

The world is getting so crowded, crowded by too much STUFF, too much clothing being made by 100's of people sitting in a hot-stuffy room somewhere overseas, too much clothing being sold that there needs to be sales every week just to get rid of the STUFF. 

And then there's the food chain, just so much STUFF for all the 'right' people, but some countries just don't get it. Hashem provides food for the whole world but some leaders just don't get it. Here too, we have fast food, ethnic food, organic food, food practically on every corner, but still some don't have???  They give us incentives to buy the STUFF, like coops, farmer's markets, buying clubs, I mean who wants to buy retail-made-in-the-usa anymore? But the poor people have to beg and steal to get their hands on more STUFF

But wait, some stuff-buyers have all that STUFF d.e.l.i.v.e.r.e.d. to their homes! By whom?By all those new-people who came here just to get their hands on some STUFF too! But when they see what WE buy, their envy, jealousy, are aroused because they want more of this STUFF too!  And if they can't get it, they come in the middle of the morning, day, or nite, and barge into your home to steal YOUR STUFF so it can become THEIR STUFF!

Now, doesn't that make your head swirl!

Yes, we are inundated with STUFF. Why even email started out simply, well, just simple, to help you keep in touch and do some shopping for all that STUFF. But nothing stays the same, and before you can get that finger on the mouse again, the email/internet (shhh!) programs get STUFFED with all those extras, like
MP3's and 4's,
basic HTML,

And what about all that ENHANCED mail that
wears wallpaper, 
displays pictures,
changes colors
& fonts
and even has its own stationary.

Yes, we are inundated with STUFF, till it's coming out of our ears.

Why even the Earth is becoming crowded with STUFF. Why the other day a multi-million dollar cargo liner STUFFED with that precious arabic liquid gold was pulled off-course by some pirate STUFF-HUNTERS. Boy did they make it BIG with that STUFF. So you sea, even the oceans are full of STUFF–HUNTERS. 

I guess they didn't hear about 
Macy's One.Day.All.The.STUFF.You.Can.Buy.Sales?

So, if you decide to give-up on email and just rely on the good-old telephone, boy have you a big surprise waiting for you. There are so many phones to choose from you need to hire a STUFF CONSULTANT to assess your needs and daily lifestyle, your yearly salary, and just how quickly you can keep up with the varying ring-tones, let alone remember who's ring belongs to who! Not to mention the bill-collectors -- they need a VERY SPECIAL ring-tone indeed -- then there are the
color phones,
color backspashes,
color keys,
and then wireless,
internet portals....
Portals? What are these? 
They are the holes in the back of your NEW phone to plug in more STUFF!

I mean, what family would be without a phone, email, computer, fax, photo printer, garbage compactor ...... yes, this is actually the MOST important item for our NEW lifestsysles
because it squeezes all that STUFF into the size of a postage stamp
and then

PS I'm so sorry:
if I forgot some of the STUFF filling your life; you can always send me your list and I'll include it in a revised copy!


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

In Star Wars, the Jawas were the ultimate stuff hunters.

Now, everything just manages to end up in my attic.

Where do you store your stuff?

Miriam said...

Goodness! That's alot of stuffin!