20 March 2007

Welcome to Going Home


After following the inspiring Countdown to Redemption blog, I decided to create an "open house" where everyone who has made the exciting commitment to finally return to Eretz HaKodesh, to the Land that Hashem bequeathed to us, where He watches over constantly, will share their stories with us. It is my fervent desire that your inspiring stories will give chizuk, encouragement to others to move past the thinking about it, and proceed to the planning stage, and finally a final date for Going Home.

Please share your struggles, your doubts, and how you made your decision so we can inspire more and more of Hashem's chosen to do the same.


משה לרמן said...
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משה לרמן said...

Slightly more than eight years ago we decided to move from the US to Israel. It was completely unfeasible. We had no savings at all. But we, my wife and I, decided. Firmly. One week after our decision, I ran into a job in Israel. We moved a few months later with our five children. Indeed, without savings. Today, Baruch HaShem, we are doing just fine.