10 April 2016

Yaalon – Pharaoh Over Political Prisoner Meir Ettinger

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has found himself in the *right flank crosshairs of the Likud after taking a moral stand on the Hebron shooting. (JPost)

But how did Ya’alon go from being the perceived leader of the Right in the Likud to the enemy of the party’s hawks? [...] In all fairness, it must be said that when it comes to the battle between Ya’alon and the extreme Right, he started it.

DM Yaalon seems to be starting-up about a lot of things lately. Read his anger-filled words:

“Even when we must strike our enemies and defeat them in war or any battle with them, our moral obligation is to safeguard our humanity,”

In one instance:  How is the DM safeguarding HIS humanity by incarcerating (Ettinger) someone who threatens his Welt·an·schau·ung [ˈveltˌänˌSHouəNG/ =] "particular philosophy or view of life; the worldview of an individual or group."

DM Yaalon has "politically assassinated" a pure neshoma of a Torah Jew. The DM has vengefully confined this pure soul to "solitary confinement" in order to break him (because the DM does not like his world view?).

The tables could turn* at any time.  One might think when he shed his beard it was to opt out, and it echoes today with an attempt to get religious soldiers to shave their beards. Thank the A-mighty that the religious are in the Government, or else it could have become law.

In another instance: "Ya’alon has NOT stopped using strong language in criticizing the soldier and his defenders, who believe he did the right thing by opening fire on the terrorist." Such as, “beastly behavior”, "leaders of gangs.”

"'gangs', a Ya’alon adviser said 'bloodthirsty extremists on the fringes who have infiltrated into the mainstream,' which is a euphemism for the settlers and other hawks who have joined the Likud"

Sounds like the DM is loosing his zionist cool, i.e.,  seemingly turning into an angry leftist in drastic contrast to a "pure Torah Youth (incarcerated in solitary)."

The DM's vulgar outbursts under the guise of "protecting Zionism," are reminiscent of "he doth protest too much" as in Shakespeare's Hamlet: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" a quotation from the 1599/ 1600 play Hamlet by William Shakespeare." (Wikipedia)

DM Yaalon has created a Political Prisoner 
about which The Jewish Press sets forth (a draconian manipulation by the DM):

"Apparently, the very idea that Meir Ettinger, the young grandson of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, is still alive and kicking and creating some media noise is driving the Israeli defense apparatus bonkers. On Monday, the system formed a united front to prevent this mega-dangerous prisoner — detained without an indictment or any proof of wrongdoing, other than being born into the Kahane clan — from attending the bris of his firstborn son.

"Then we reported here about a complaint Ettinger’s attorney filed on his behalf, demanding that a prison guard who had been abusing her client be investigated. It turned out the abuse began when Ettinger, who was refused his call to his wife by the guard in question, went over his head and received his call. That didn’t go over well with the guard. The next day, Ettinger refused to respond to the same guard’s call because he, Ettinger, was praying.

"But those were small issues in comparison with the apparent plot on the part of Ya’alon et al to keep Ettinger in prison without charges for the rest of the defense minister’s stay in office.

"The original detention order, signed by Ya’alon, was for the maximum time allowed by law — six months. Then Ya’alon added four months, again without showing rhyme or reason. At some point during his detention, the Israel Prison Authority placed Ettinger in solitary confinement. Except that the law regarding solitary confinement says you can’t keep a prisoner isolated for more than six months without a court hearing.

"So Ettinger and his attorney were taken to see a judge and hear the arguments on the part of the IPA why he should not see another human face other than his guards, while being confined without charges.

"Suddenly (...) a representative of the secret police, Shabak, stood up in court and showed the judge an administrative decree signed by Defense Minister Ya’alon saying Ettinger should be kept in solitary confinement during his administrative detention.

"Ettinger and his attorney asked to see the document, and the prisoner without cause noticed that the date on the decree was for one day prior to the court hearing. Why then was the prison authority asking to see the judge when there already was a decree that took them off the hook?

"The judge, too, was wondering, what would have happened had he ruled in favor of the prisoner? What’s the meaning of a ruling when there’s already an administrative decree that annuls it?

"The embarrassed folks from Shabak and IPA told the judge they wanted to make sure Ettinger’s isolation continued, no matter how. The judge did not accept their answer and ordered them to come up with a well-reasoned response in another hearing in two weeks.

"It’s a minor victory for a prisoner who has been branded public enemy number one largely for running a blog that vehemently disagrees with the government on its defense and legal policy.


INCARCERATION OF 3 MORE YOUNG FATHERS AND HUSBANDS Once again three Jews have been thrown into the depths of Shabak interrogation rooms and are banned from meeting a lawyer. The wife of one of them fears he is being tortured.

The wife of one of the suspects, Rachel, told Hakol Hayehudi about the arrest and about her concern for the wellbeing of her husband. “Police officers came to our home in the early morning. At first we thought they were Arabs who had penetrated the town fence, but we soon realized that the police officers were no better than Arabs. They didn’t give my husband any time to gather a few things to take with him and they were extremely confrontational and violent. In truth they could have come at a normal waking hour, we don’t try to hide from anyone.”


Please read Ya'alon Demoralizing the IDF on Shiloh Musings, who writes: "Maybe he once was very much on the political Right and strong on defense etc. But since taking office as Minister of Defense, he has veered so far Left he makes Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu look good." She nails him. 

* To "turn the tables on someone" = is generally understood that you have reversed the fortunes in your favor to some capacity, so as to “reverse one’s position relative to someone else, especially by turning a position of disadvantage into one of advantage.”[*right flank crosshairs]. So this is what I want to see occur in this situation.

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