12 April 2016

JUNE 6 – Rabbi Mizrachi Will Be in Caesarea – Very Big Event

Rabbi Mizrachi will appear with other famous Israelis (Rabbi Grossman and another Rabbi) on the famous huge Caesarea stage near the coast.

An famous and well known Atheist for 30 Years interviewed Rabbi Mizrachi and because of this interview and listening to his Torah and Science Video, he was seen at the grave of a Tzaddik wearing a Kippa! After 30 years, Rabbi Mizrachi was able to break his atheistic resolve.

About an hour on current events in this video, because he just returned from a successful trip to Israel. An amazing fact about the Red Heifer. ISIS and the Middle East terrorists. And about (dangerous) Bernie Sanders and Obama! Europe, the Arabs, the Nazis, Herzl. 
Bris Milah on the 8th Day. Also very fascinating knowledge about the fetus in the mother.

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